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  • Select ONE one of the 12 Standards in the Summary.
  • Does your department or /organization currently give credence to this standard? If so, how? Think about the standards as they relate to culturally sensitive care.
  • If not, offer suggestions of how the standard can be incorporated into patient care or your organization as a whole.

Note: There are 12 standards, so make sure you choose a standard that another student has not described. We all have different takes on a standard so the standard should be specific for the patient population or organization. The typical number of students in a class means that we should only read about a particular standard twice. And, keep in mind that each of us does not work in an acute care setting, so examples from other practice settings will add to our discussion.


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Select ONE one of the 12 Standards in the Summary.
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week 7
Workforce Diversity (graded)

As nurses, we often work with physicians or other healthcare team members whose native language is not English. In fact, some of you may have interviewed a non-native English speaker for your Course Project.

  1. Share an example of miscommunication that has occurred as a result of this disparity.
  2. Reflect on your new-found knowledge of transcultural nursing, and describe how this miscommunication could have been prevented.
week 8
Professional Insight (graded)

Reflect on the Transcultural Nursing Self-Assessment that you completed during Week 2. Not all of us will have the opportunity to participate in an international nursing experience for even a few weeks, let alone as a career. However, if assuming you had the opportunity to practice this type of nursing, consider how you would answer the following questions. Make sure you address all components below:

  1. What contributions would you be able to make that would be considered unique?
  2. What experiences and wisdom would you bring to the care of your patients?
  3. What challenges might there be for you and/or your family for participation in such an opportunity?

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