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week 1

Models of Transcultural Nursing (graded)

Chapter 1 of Andrews and Boyle (2016) discusses Leininger’s sunrise model of transcultural nursing. However, other models are described and are important to acknowledge as well. Besides Leininger’s model, what others are available? Describe one model and how you might apply it to your practice setting. An excellent resource may be found at the Transcultural Nursing Society’s website (http://www.tcns.org) Click on the Theories tab.

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Models of Transcultural Nursing (graded)
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week 2

Transcultural Nursing Skills Self-Assessment (graded)

Nurses complete assessments on individuals on a daily basis. Self-assessments are in order before considering our abilities to provide culturally competent nursing care.

  1. Complete the Transcultural Nursing Skills Self-Assessment Form located in Doc Sharing.
  2. Note the number of “no” answers in your self-assessment.
  3. Share one or two of your “no” answers with your classmates and describe how you will convert the “no” to a “yes” over the next few weeks.
  4. What interventions are needed to turn each “no” into a “yes” response?

week 3

Healthcare Needs of a Specific Minority Group (graded)

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