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Please be specific and explain all questions.

1. Why are committees important in today’s health care organizations? Discuss a committee (team) you have been a part of in the past, or a committee you are currently a part of. Explain why it was formed and what the function of the committee is (or was). Who are (were) the members of the team? Discuss whether the committee is (or was) effective or ineffective and why. If you have never been part of a committee in your workplace, discuss how you would put together a team to reduce patient waiting time in a doctor’s office. Who would you have on the team? What are some steps that can be taken when forming the team to help make it successful?

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2. Describe how informal small groups evolve in an organization. Why are they important in a large health care organization? What difficulties can there be in supervising the leader(s) of these informal groups? How can a manager create a positive relationship with informal group leaders?

3. Discuss the managerial steps in performing each of the controlling functions: 1) establishing standards, 2) measuring performance against standards, and 3) taking corrective action as needed.

4. Define the 5 approaches to budgeting. What are the 3 types of budgets and what is the purpose of each type? How does a budget function as a cost containment tool? Think about how you would prepare your personal budget (money coming in and money going out). What are some similarities and differences in preparing a personal budget versus preparing an organizational budget? What types of expenses do you have that a health care organization might also have (or something similar)?

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