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  • Select two or threespecific areasfor improvement for the organization you chose. Precision is important; for example, don’t select something too broad (such as “patient satisfaction”) but rather something focused (for example, patient satisfaction with nursing responsiveness)
  • Describe the data needed to monitor improvement.Be specific – discuss the specific data that will be collected and how it will be analyzed to determine if the process change lead to improvement.
  • Identify and describe at least three data specific collection tools that you can use to collect the data for the identified opportunities;do not review tools that you will not use for the project.
    • What types of information does each tool collect?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each tool for each area?
    • How are the data collection tools similar? How are they different?
  • Describe at least two tools to measure, display and analyze the QI data for the project
    • What types of information does each tool measure and display?
    • What are each tool’s strengths and weaknesses?
    • How are the tools similar? How are they different? How are these tools helpful for health care organizations?
  • QI Activities: Describe what departments, programs, and activities are affected by the plan, why they are involved, and theirspecific rolein implementation.


Cite a minimum of 3 (no more than five years old) credible references (at the graduate level you must draw from relevant scholarly journals. Do not use websites, online dictionaries, etc.)

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More information coming….not a fictional organization. The issues include HIPAA violation due to lack of technology for referrals the use of faxing information to nurses for referrals. Other issues is Health Literacy, the population we service is the underserved, no insurance and we provide education to all…another issue utilizing evidence based programs into our programs for the underserved and various groups within the community.I did include two papers to provide information about my company. Possible benchmark for IT issue as the tool and focus group/education committee for health literacy

Running head: EDUCATIONAL MISSION STATEMENT Educational Mission Statement
Tammy Amerson-Wilson
NUR 588
August 5, 2013
Alice Kindschuh 1 EDUCATIONAL MISSION STATEMENT 2 Educational Mission Statement
Throughout my career, I have worked at a county hospital, pediatric hospital, and a
hospice facility. Each entity had a mission and philosophy statement to represent the
organization. The goal of this paper is to compare and contrast the mission and philosophy
statements of my current employer and under graduate university, provide differences and
similarities, and improve the standards of practice.
A mission statement defines the organization’s pathway to which they will practice, goals
of the organization, and their overall purpose. Mission statements are the starting point of an
organization’s strategic planning and goal setting process. The prime function is to define the key
measures for the organization’s success, geared toward the leadership team and the stakeholders
enabling them to understand what the organization is attempting to accomplish (Current Nursing,
The philosophy of an organization is a statement of beliefs that stems from the ideals of
the profession and may include a theorist who represents the goals and mission of the
organization. These beliefs must be maintained and achieved while practicing high standards, for
optimal patient outcomes (Current Nursing, 2011).
Compare and Contrast
Methodist Healthcare Ministries (MHM) is my current employer and the department in
which I work is Wesley Nurse Health Ministries (WNHM). “The mission of MHM is "Serving
Humanity to Honor God" by improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of those least
served in the Southwest Texas Conference area of The United Methodist Church” (MHM, 2013).
The WNHM program is a faith-based, holistic program committed to serving the least served
through collaboration, health promotion and education. WNHM serves 80 church sites
throughout South Texas by providing Wesley Nurses (WN) to minister to the underserved in EDUCATIONAL MISSION STATEMENT 3 need. The WN partners with individuals and organizations in the community to provide a health
care outreach mission. The church, nurse, and community are in partnership to serve as the core
of the holistic program, and allow the WN to care for the needy to maximize the potential for
optimal health. We strive to improve health and wellness by promotion of self-empowerment and
access to health care resource information. Establishing a standard of excellence in a faith-based
community nursing is our goal. The professional practice is not limited only to the physical
aspect of medical needs: rather, it includes a holistic approach of mind, body, and spirit into the
practice (MHM, 2013).
The philosophy is “I am the caring servant” and shape our relationship with the people
we serve and each other. The statement is comprised of core values. Integrity to include honesty,
accountability, responsibility, and loyalty in all we say and do. Teamwork means working
together to use our gifts and talents for the greater good, as well as making a difference to
improve the lives of those in need to make a lasting change. We strive to use compassion as we
listen and treat persons with love and respect. Lastly, we draw on our spirituality to realize God’s
dreams to see the kind of person each individual can become. This statement is what guides our
behavior and the manner in which we do our job (MHM, 2013).
The mission statement of West Texas University Nursing Department is to be an
instrumental part of the parent institution, accessible for the multi-state region, and an academic
center for baccalaureate and graduate nursing education. According to WTU the mission “is to be
a student-centered, learning community dedicated to developing professional and academic
leaders in nursing, and to serve our constituents through educational programs that engage
students, provide high quality nursing services, demonstrate evidence-based nursing practice,
and produce nursing scholarship (WTAMU, 2013). EDUCATIONAL MISSION STATEMENT 4 The philosophy of the university believes humans are holistic, unique, and
multidimensional beings who are to be treated with respect and dignity. They have the right to
make informed choices and have a competent advocate if their abilities are impaired. Health is
experienced by each person in many conditions, to including mind, body, and spirit. The
university also believes in requiring the use of scientific, ethical, aesthetic, and personal ways of
knowing, the art of nursing. Persons also experience health in the environment that is biological,
physiological, personal, spiritual, social, cultural, and political context. The values include the
belief of caring, honesty, commitment, respect, responsibility, integrity, dependability, initiative,
and accountability. Teaching and learning is imperative for the students and the community to
foster informed participation, communication, critical thinking, and community building
(WTAMU, 2013).
In comparison of both organizations, it is evident that nursing is holistic and incorporates
mind, body, and spirit into practice and education. The two emphasize the person as being
unique, deserving of respect, dignity, and integrity. Neither institution expands on a specific
nurse theorist, however the WTAMU does have an emphasis on the environment and the art of
nursing. The community is identified as a stakeholder in both mission statements.
In contrast of the institutions, the educational institution is based on the ideology to
include evidence-based practice and student-centered education. The nursing institution’s focus
is on the care of the patient and the underserved population, as well as a faith-based with an
emphasis of God in their philosophy.
To improve an institution’s mission and philosophy statement during the changes could
be made to include technology, health care reforms, as well as current trends.
In conclusion, the mission and philosophy statements of a nursing and an educational
institution, both organizations represent their goals and beliefs. While each missions and
philosophical statements may differ, the overall goal of the statement is to represent the
organizational goal. References 5 EDUCATIONAL MISSION STATEMENT 6 Current Nursing. (2011). Mission, Vision, Values, Objectives and Philosophy of an
Organization Retrieved from
html Accessed August 3, 2013
MHM. (2013). Wesley Nurse Health Ministries Retrieved from
Accessed August 3, 2013
WTAMU. (2013). Department of Nursing Mission, Vision, and Philosophy.
Retrieved from http://www.wtamu.edu/academics/nursing-mission-visionphilosophy.aspx Accessed August 3, 2013 EDUCATIONAL MISSION STATEMENT 7 University of Phoenix Online
NUR 588: Developing & Evaluating Educational Programs
Grading Rubric: Educational Mission Statement
Key Elements of Paper
Obtain a copy of your
institution’s philosophy of
nursing, nursing practice,
and organizational mission
statement from your place of
employment. Value 12 Points
11.5 Overall, a well written
paper. Nice job comparing
and contrasting the mission
and philosophy of the two
Your explanation/rationale
for these differences is
sound using appropriate
resources to support your
explanation. Criteria for the paper
1. Compare and contrast
the mission statement
and philosophy of your
institution related to
nursing practices with the
mission and philosophy
statement of an
educational institution.
2. Provide rationale for
differences and
3. How might you improve
either mission
statements and
philosophies in terms of
clarity and impact?
Paper reflects graduate level
critical thinking,
interpretation, and analysis.
Introduction and conclusion
present within the paper.
Written using APA format
through the paper. Comments Expand on your discussion
of the recommendations.
You have a good idea but it
needs to be discussed with
rationale and benefits
associated with this
recommendation. 1 1 1 0.95 References appropriate and
support paper content. 1 1 Total points 15 14.45 Well written providing an
overview of the paper.
See comments and
corrections made within the
paper. APA is a work in
Good choices to support
your analysis.

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