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d. cells; chromosomes
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1. According to Freud, the __________ works to reconcile the demands of the __________ and the __________.

id; ego; superego

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d. cells; chromosomes 1 points
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superego; id; ego

ego; id; superego

id; conscience; subconscience
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1. Pavlov successfully taught dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell by using:

operant conditioning

behavior modification

classical conditioning

observational learning.
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1. Cross-cultural research shows that German and Greek caregivers use a(n) __________ parenting style common in cultures that value independence, while Nso caregivers use a(n) __________ parenting style typical in cultures that value interdependence.
a. authoritarian; permissive

b. permissive; uninvolved

c. distal; proximal

d. proximal; distal
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1. According to Bandura’s social learning theory, children learn primarily through

a. Modeling

b. Classical Conditioning

c. Behavior Modification

d. Operant Conditioning
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1. Compared with other species, human children
a. develop faster.

b. are more attached to their family

c. are more independent.

d. develop slowly.
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1. In the innermost level of the environment, Bronfenbrenner emphasized that:

a. reinforcement, punishment, and modeled behaviors are the most important environmental influences.

b. the same environmental influences affect children in uniform ways.

c. children acquire culturally valued practices from interactions with adults.

d. when reciprocal interactions occur often over time, they have an enduring impact on development.

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