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Conduct a search on EDMS vendors. Utilize different terms and word combinations (Boolean search) and write down your results. A Boolean search uses Boolean operator “and,” “or,” and “not” to refine the search. This ensures that only the information needed is identified. By using different combinations of “operators,” the results of your search will vary.Locate at least three EDMS vendors and review their systems. Assume you are an Office Manager for a small to medium size physician practice. At a minimum, include the following information in comparing the vendors:

  • What are the benefits of the system as listed on their web page;
  • What kind of facility utilizes the vendor’s system? Does it include healthcare facilities?
  • Are there any advantages of their system over others (as listed on their web page)?
  • Are prices provided? Is so, does it indicate what is included?
  • Is there a free trial offered? Is a demo provided? Could you see “inside” the system?
  • Conclude your review with a statement of which system you would purchase as a small office physician practice and why?

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Conduct a search on EDMS vendors.
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