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Choose a religious diet-Choose one of the diets we discussed (Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism, Seventh Day Adventist)

Choose one of the above religious diets (a diet other than your own)

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Choose a religious diet-Choose one of the diets we discusse
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Follow that diet for one day (One day = when you get up to when you go to sleep)

List the foods that you ate during your ‘diet.’

Write a short report on the diet and make sure that you include the following answers to these questions. You may use headers if it helps you stay organized:

What was the diet you chose?

What are some of the dietary rules that you followed?

Why did you choose it (other than I asked you do it)?

How easy or hard was this diet to follow?

What were some of your friends and family’s reactions when you told them that you were following this diet?

What did you learn about yourself when you were on this diet?

Paste this report into the Discussion area.

Around 200 words

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