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Write a 2–3-page, double-spaced culminating paper considering the following:

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You live in a youth-oriented American culture. Part of the Christian mission is to “honor your father and mother” and to show care and respect for those older than you. For this assignment, think about your beliefs surrounding aging as it pertains to your life; older people in your family and community; and your professional perspectives. Think about issues that have been covered in this course.

Begin with a one-sentence statement that reflects your overall belief about aging. Write this as a stand-alone statement, then expand it to present your thoughts. Include your thoughts about each of the following questions, using a separate heading for each question.

• What is your philosophy of aging?

• How does your Christian worldview impact your ideas about aging and your interaction with the elderly?

• Are there elderly people in your life who are important to you? If so, how do they fit into your beliefs about aging?

• How can health promotion with the elderly be a ministry?

• How do you perceive your work with the elderly as a health professional (whether in healthcare or in another field)?

• What do you have to give to and to gain from the elderly?

• What are things you would like to do now that will affect your own aging process?

• Describe your future self at age 50 and at age 70 or above. What do you see yourself doing? What things are important as a part of your future self at these ages?

Incorporate at least 2 supporting Bible references into your paper. These and any additional sources must be referenced using current APA format.

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8

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