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With this scenario there are a few ethical considerations, all with the best interest of the patient in mind while respecting his religion and moral rights. Ethical considerations include the moral rights of the patient, meaning that the patient over all has the right to decide their own course of treatment based on his/her beliefs. There are many cultures through out the entire world that have their own way of dealing with the sick or injured based on their own belief system. In this specific case, Christian Scientist do not believe in healthcare but instead base their health and wellness off of the healing power of prayer and Jesus Christ, therefore causing them to refuse medical care and treatment. “Christian Science is the largest and most recognized of various spiritual healing groups that encourage members to forgo or overcome the need for medicine” (Manca, p. 1, 2011) Christian scientists based these beliefs off of the many passages written with

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With this scenario there are a few ethical considerations,
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