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Select a health issue or problem identified during your community assessment for your CHP Project. Define the community narrowly enough to address the issue thoroughly, but within the scope of a 10-12 page paper. Ideas for this issue or problem may be selected from readings, news media articles, class lectures/activities, clinical experiences, or observations. Focus on disease prevention, protection, or health promotion,not treatment of illness. A major emphasis of this paper is the review of current literature. Validate the community health issue or problem for aspecific geographical area(city, county, planning district), and aspecific age or population groupusing current annual statistics. DO NOT use unreliable or unverified sources, such as City Data.com, Wikipedia, City Melt.com, etc. Check the “About Us” Section of each website for guarantees of accuracy and reliability of data. Explore the potential consequences for the population at risk and document appropriately. Consider (a) the physical consequences, including possible effects of this issue on morbidity and mortality; (b) the economic consequences for affected individuals, population, and community; and (c) the psychosocial consequences, including possible emotional, social, legal, and/or ethical issues.
Identify local community resourcescurrentlyin place to address the health issue or problem. Use professional, evidence-based literature to document these approaches and contact relevant community agencies directly. Identify gaps in community resources. Explore the literature for evidence-based strategies that have been used in similar “at risk” populations. Discuss the role of the nurse in addressing the issue or problem. This paper must be typed following the 6thedition APA guidelines. At least ten current (within the last five to seven years) American references should be used in the preparation of this paper. At least five of these must be from current professional journals. At least two of the articles must be nursing-focused. You may use a textbook or lecture notes to examine the issue, but these may not be counted in your ten sources and their use as a source in your paper must be very limited.
The page limit for the body of this paper is 10-12, but no more than 15, pages, not counting the title page, references and any appendices. Papers under or over the page limit may have points deducted accordingly. It will help if you clearly define the community and issue to be addressed.
Save all articles used to your computer as pdf files, so that you can submit them into the drop box with your paper. Make sure that links to websites used in your reference list go directly to the pages that you used before you submit your paper.Papers without articles included in the drop box or working web links will not be graded

CHP Project Part I Assessment and Planning Paper Outline

Criteria Points
I. Introduce and briefly discuss the project and health problem.You should be looking at the health problem from a broad, national perspective in this introduction.This information should come from the national literature and reliable web-based sources, such asHealthy People 2020, Centers for Disease Control, sites in D2L, and professional journals – NOT textbooks.a. Identify problem(s) to be addressed, using community nursing diagnosis format.b. Include abriefdiscussion of known causes, risk factors, and high risk groups. Limit discussion of pathophysiology.c. Explain why this issue is a concern for public health. 10
II. Discuss how the identified health issue impacts people, groups, and communities in general.a. Describe the potential physical, psychosocial and economic consequences for affected individuals, communities and population groups if this health issue is not addressed or resolved.b. Discuss how the identified factors may impact their health risks and problems.c. Include discussion of both short and long term consequences.This information should also come from literature and reliable web-based sources, not your own experience, opinions, local providers, or textbooks. 15
III. Conduct an assessment of a specific community – city, town, or county.a. Describe your target community by geographic area, population group, etc.b. Conduct a modified windshield survey, using the guidelines posted on D2L. Include that information in this sectionc. Discuss relevant community factors that may affect the health issue and/or access to health care, such as geographic area, social determinants of health (poverty, income, race, education, etc.), and environmental factors.d. Identify relevant demographics, including extent and rates of the identified community health issue, size of target population, etc.e. Compare trends of the health issue in this community over at least two points in time. Compare community statistics to state or regional data to provide perspective (may use national data if these are not available). f. Document all sources used to obtain this information in APA format. 15
IV. Conduct a review of the literature to determine strategies and services that are recommended to address the identified health issue.a. Discuss a variety of evidence/research-based strategies and services that are recommended in the literature to address the identified issue.b. Discuss, in detail, the evidence-based roles and responsibilities of nurses in addressing this issue, especially community/public health nurses from various settings.c. Focus is mainly on primary prevention and health promotion, as well as screening (primary and secondary prevention).d. Discussion of treatment and rehabilitation is included, but limited.e. Strategies and services are supported by multiple professional experts/researchers.Do not use personal communication, unprofessional websites, or sources from outside the U.S. 15
V. Identify current approaches being used to meet the need in your target community.a. Assess health resources and services throughout target community, as well as those in the region that are accessible to the target population.b. Include agencies that focus on health prevention and promotion, as well as those that treat disease (e.g. schools, hospitals, recreation centers, health departments, etc.).c. Review agency websites and speak to professionals that are working in this community to prevent, screen, or treat the identified health issue.d. Discuss what nurses and other professionals in this community/region are doing related to this health issue, based on their personal communications and agency websites. 15
VI. Discuss activities/interventions planned for your project.a. Link these strategies to your findings from evidence-based literature to support their validity as being effective for the target population.b. Provide at least one project goal(s) and at least two objectives that are correctly worded and linked to your assessment, topic, and review of evidence-based strategies.c. Based on your review of the literature and your community assessment, what barriers do you anticipate in implementing the planned strategies or achieving your goals?d. Include plans for how you will address identified problems and barriers (if any).e. What is the literacy level of handouts you are developing or using? If the level is above the reading level of participants, how will you make sure they can understand the information presented?f. How will you evaluate the program or interventions? 15
VII. Correct grammar, spelling, APA format, quality of writing, etc.This part of the grade is determined based on the extent to which:· The topic is clear and focused. Main ideas are clear, important factors are linked together, and discussions demonstrate author’s ability to think about the issue critically.· The conclusion is strong, with a concise summation of the health issue, its importance to public health, its potential and real effects on the target population and community, nurses’ roles, and recommended strategies. · Most sentences and paragraphs are well constructed. The student makes no or rare errors in grammar, mechanics, and/or spelling. Most APA is correctly formatted: e.g. font, margins, title page, abbreviations, numbers, references, headings, spacing, etc. · The student utilizes a minimum of 10 sources, with at least 5 from professional (peer-reviewed, health care) journals; at least 2 of these are nursing articles.· References are professional, American sources. All information in the paper is supported with documentation from the professional literature and other reliable sources. Commercial or unprofessional websites, textbooks and power points are not used.· The student uses the most original, reliable, and up-to-date sources possible. (A general rule of thumb is 5 to 7 years, but check with your faculty if you find a source that is older and would like to use it).· The paper length is 10-12, but no more than 15, pages of text, not including title page, references, appendices, or grading criteria. 15

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