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Reflect on the issue of incivility. Think of an experience in which you were directly involved or witnessed incivility in the workplace. Analyze scholarly literature related to the issue of incivility and strategies for cultivating healthful environments.

1. In a four- to six-page written paper, address the following.

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Reflect on the issue of incivility.
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a. Define and explain the issue of incivility. Use scholarly nursing literature.

b. Discuss the importance of this issue to nursing. Address the impact of incivility on individuals, microsystem work environments, and the profession of nursing. In this section, use at least three (3) different scholarly nursing literature in-text citations with matching references.

c. Provide a scenario (real or fictitious) of incivility in a practice setting. What was the impact on the individuals involved? How was the work environment affected?

d. Describe three strategies for creating a healthful environment. Use scholarly nursing literature to support each strategy.

e. Identify your selected specialty track (education, executive, family nurse practitioner, healthcare policy, or nursing informatics). Provide two examples of strategies you will implement in your master’s-prepared advanced practice role to cultivate a healthful work environment.

f. Provide a conclusion. Include a summary on the issue of incivility, strategies to create healthful environments, specialty track, and how you will contribute to cultivating healthful environments in your future professional practice. Include a self-reflection.


Preparing the paper

Submission Requirements

  1. Application: Use Microsoft Word 2013™.
  2. Length: The paper (excluding the title page and reference page) is at minimum four (4) pages and at maximum six (6) pages.
  3. A minimum of four (4) scholarly nursing literature references must be used.
  4. This assessment must be submitted to TurnItIn™, as required by the TurnItIn™ policy. A Similarity Index of blue or green must be obtained. A score in the blue or green range indicates a similarity of less than 24%, which is the benchmark for CCN graduate nursing students. Any other level of similarity index level requires the student to revise the assessment before the due date and time. To allow sufficient time for revision, early submission of the assessment to TurnItIn™ is highly encouraged. The final submission will be graded by faculty. If a Turnitin™ report indicates that plagiarism has occurred, the Academic Integrity policy will be followed.
  5. Submission: Submit your files: Last name_First initial_Assessment 5_Cultivating Healthful Environments.


Best Practices in Preparing the Project

The following are best practices in preparing this project.

1. Review directions thoroughly.

2. Follow submission requirements.

3. Make sure all elements on the grading rubric are included.

4. Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are followed and consistent with formal, scientific writing.

5. Title page, running head, body of paper, and reference page must follow APA guidelines as found in the 6th edition of the manual. This includes the use of headings for each section of the paper except for the introduction where no heading is used.

6. Ideas and information that come from scholarly nursing literature must be cited and referenced correctly.

7. A minimum of four (4) scholarly nursing literature references must be used.

8. Abide by CCN academic integrity policy.

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