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NU1420: Module 4 Elimination

Care map: Elimination

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NU1420: Module 4 Elimination Care map: Elimination
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Bob Clark is a 70-year old patient who had just had a total hip replacement surgery. He is now in the orthopedic unit in stable condition. Mr. Clark had been having pain in his hip for the past six months and was taking NSAIDS for pain. He has a history of hypertension that is treated with a combination antihypertensive and diuretic drug. He also takes a multivitamin daily. He had been using a walker for the last two months to help him ambulate.Mr.Clark has an order for morphine 2 mg IV q 4h prn. He had a dose 30 mins ago. Jared Carr is a student nurse who has been assigned to Mr. Clark. Jared works as a nursing assistant at the organization. Jared assesses the Mr. Clark and finds that his pain is now rated a three on a scale of one to 10. He has an IV running at 100ml/hr. Jared asks Mr. Clark if he has urinated since he returned from surgery, and Mr., Clark tells him that he has not. Jared asks him if he feels the need to urinate. Mr. Clark tells Jared he does not.

Develop a care map for Bob Clark. Be sure to include each of the following nursing care plan components in the care map:

Assessment questions to determine Bob map,s needs

Assessment data that should be combined to formulate a data cluster.

Three potential nursing Diagnosis including a priority nursing diagnosis and a teaching diagnosis

Primary patient outcomes.Make sure there is an association between the patient outcome and its respective nursing dianosis

Three nursing interventions needed to meet patient outcomes along with the rationale for the intervention (This information can be found in your textbook Nursing Diagnosis handbook: An evidence Based Guide to Planning care)

Appropriate evaluative criteria to be used. Include steps to objectively evaluate the degree of success in achieving patient outcomes.

Submit your response in a care format in a microsoft word document using one of the following specifications:

Font: Arial or Times New Roman; Size 12 point, double spaced

APA format for formatting the document and citing sources

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