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In Unit 3 you will submit a 2-3 page report based on the article: Interview with Ronald G. Spaeth, FACHE, president, Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Foundation, Northbrook, Illinois, which can be found online at:
Your project should include thorough responses to the questions below, but you are not limited to these questions only.
• Summarize Spaeth’s work and educational background and the award highlighted in this article.
• What philosophies or strategies did Spaeth utilize and what are your opinions on his approaches?
• What school of management from Chapter 2 do you think Spaethe most uses and why?
• What are the biggest obstacles facing today’s health care administrator, according to Spaethe?
• For you, the graduate student in health care administration, what lessons can be learned from this interview?
These questions will be submitted in an APA-formatted. Please note that simply

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In Unit 3 you will submit a 2-3 page report based on the article
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