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Identify the indications, limitations, and characteristics of each device listed below. Be sure to include the range of the particle size (MMAD) produced by each device.

Small volume nebulizer
Large volume nebulizer
Ultrasonic nebulizer
Respond to the following scenarios.

Scenario #1
You’re a respiratory therapist working the night shift on the medical floor. You receive an order for a sputum induction on Mr. Tom Turner, who was admitted with suspicion of tuberculosis. You administer a heated bland aerosol treatment by aerosol mask for 15 minutes. What precautions must be taken to protect yourself and others from contamination while collecting the specimen and delivering his treatment?

Scenario #2
Ms. Salie Swellington has just been extubated and is given a cool aerosol treatment for subglottic edema. Before the treatment began she had audible stridor. Ten minutes after delivering the treatment, she is still in apparent respiratory distress, but her stridor is how more high pitched. What is the appropriate action to take at this time? Explain your answer.

Submit your answers in at least 500 words on a Word document. You must cite at least three references in APA format to defend and support your position

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