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Evolution of Roles and Societal Perspectives on Aging – Assessment Activity – Week1 – HCS/557 – eCampus

It is important to understand how roles and perspectives have changed over time. The alterations can be an effect caused by societal and economic developments. Understanding the evolution of roles and perspectives provides a clearer picture on how aging may affect you.

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Evolution of Roles and Societal Perspectives on Aging
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Create a comparison chart that discusses aging from the timeline of World War II to the present. Each section of the chart should contain 100 words. Include the following:

  • Changing role of the older adult
    • Consider the impact of gender, culture, ethnic and religious groups
  • What you think has caused the shift in roles as time has progressed?
  • Does research support your opinion?

Create a timeline that shows the progression of aging from World War II to the present. Provide a description at each time period that is 100 words in length. Include the following:

  • Differences in perspectives on aging
    • Consider myths and stereotypes as a factor

Formatyour assignment according to APA guidelines.

Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed references.

Clickthe Assignment Files tab to submit your comparison chart and timeline.

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