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Discussion Part One (graded) NR 503, Week 7
As an Advanced Practice Nurse, you will care for patients who are at risk for opioid abuse or addiction. Please research and present the incidence of opioid abuse specific to your geographic area and provide evidence of risk, relative risk, and odds ratio in relation to opioid abuse, and if specific risks have been identified for a specific population(s).
I live in Fort Lauderdale, it is very close to Miami, so please make sure that you keep this in mind when doing this assignment

Part 2: Please identify one local prevention or screening program tied specifically to opioid abuse / addiction and provide a brief overview of the purpose, program, and ongoing surveillance or evaluation of success.

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Discussion Part One (graded) NR 503, Week 7
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Part.3: Please provide a summary of the case or information you have discussed this week.


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