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week 1

Clinical Decision Making (graded, 25 points)

Describe a clinical situation where you were concerned (e.g., a higher incidence of falls, infections, errors, etc.) and where decisions were made to improve the situation. What sources of evidence were utilized to make the decision (e.g., personal experience, expert advice, etc.)?

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Clinical Decision Making (graded, 25 points)
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Role of Research (graded, 25 points)

Research is a fundamental role that every nurse and healthcare practitioner plays but in different ways. How can you use evidence to improve nursing care as a new nurse?

week 2

Describe a Significant Clinical Issue (graded, 25 points)

In Unit 7, you will produce a group project based upon your assigned topic located in your team collaboration tab. Please review the current literature and provide an article that relates to your assigned topic. In this thread, please discuss how this article will be beneficial to your assigned topic.

Formulate Searchable Clinical Questions (graded, 25 points)

Read the assigned case study and formulate a searchable, clinical question in the PICO(T) format. There are several potential questions that could be asked. Identify if the focus of your question is assessment, etiology, treatment, or prognosis.

The case study for this discussion is located in the Assignments tab for Unit 2.


week 3
Research Problems and Designs (graded, 25 points)

Would your problem identified in the Unit 2 discussion question lend itself to a qualitative or quantitative design? What level of evidence (research design) would best address the problem? Explain your answer.

Gaps in Evidence (graded, 25 points)

Given your experience in search of your topic, what gaps in evidence were found? What challenges were there in finding appropriate search terms? What led you to believe the sources of information were credible, along with the credentials of the authors?

week 4

Sampling (graded, 25 points)

The most common sampling method is the convenience sample; therefore, many of the studies that you find for evidence use this sampling method. What are the implications of using a convenience sample on the way that you interpret and use the findings?


Ethical and Legal Issues (graded, 25 points)

Search for a contemporary example of breaches of the standards for ethical and legal research. Do not duplicate examples.

week 5

Measurement Strategies (graded, 25 points)

Give one example of a data collection method used in one of the studies identified in your Unit 5 project. What variable was this method used to measure?

Credibility of Data Collection (graded, 25 points)

Provide any information given related to the validity and reliability of the data collection instrument in the first discussion.


week 6
Identifying and Interpreting Descriptive Statistics (graded, 25 points)

Examine the survey results located in the Resources section of the Unit 6 Assignments page. Choose one of the items, determine the descriptive statistic that is reported, and indicate what it means. For example, “What is the highest level of education of this group?” (Please do not repeat the same topic as your classmates.)

Identifying and Interpreting Inferential Statistics (graded, 25points)

Discuss the importance of inferential statistics in research. How does it differ from descriptive statistics? Please give an example of inferential statistics and support your answer with current literature.

week 7

Clinical Significance (graded, 25 points)

How does a nurse know what (if any) knowledge in a research study is usable for clinical practice? What would a critical thinker look for in the evidence before deciding to change? What influence do credibility and clinical significance have on your decisions to integrate research-based evidence into your practice?

Sharing Evidence (graded, 25 points)

Please share the factors you used to determine that the evidence found in your group project is sufficient for a change of practice and defend your decision.

week 8

Feedback of Group Projects to Peers (Graded, 25 points)

The leader of your group will post your group project in this discussion. Each student will comment on a fellow classmate’s project. There will be two posts required in this thread for full credit.

Where Do You Go From Here? (Graded, 25 points)

How has your thinking changed about nursing research and evidence-based practice as the result of this course? How can you apply what you have learned to your practice to make it based on evidence?

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