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Case Study: Workers’ Compensation

1. Read the Case Study Workers’ Compensation on Chapter 18, page 551 of the textbook.

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Case Study: Workers’ Compensation
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Julie, the front desk assistant, is speaking with Paula regarding a patient who just left the office. He has a workers’ compensation claim involving an injury he suffered on the job. Julie feels that the patient shouldn’t be allowed the claim because she thought he seemed fine when he was at the desk. She felt that he may be faking his injury. Paula explained that it was up to the doctor to decide the type and level of injury incurred by the patient, not Julie. The office manager overheard part of the conversation and told Julie that she was not to make such comments about a patient because there was no way for her to know the whole story.
Afterwards, answer the following questions:

Would you consider Julie’s statements unprofessional?
Do you believe that Julie’s attitude toward the patient would be obvious if she felt this strongly about the issue? How could her body language be indicative of her viewpoint?

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