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The components of an interdisciplinary team PowerPoint Presentation

Multidisciplinary teams are very prevalent in healthcare settings. What kind of leadership is necessary to lead a multidisciplinary team? Do self-directed, high-performing teams even need a leader? Use information from research to support your opinions.

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The components of an interdisciplinary team PowerPoint Presentation
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You should use a real-life situation or team to base your PowerPoint. This may include a team that you are leading or one in which you are a member. Remember, no one works by themselves in healthcare. You are a part of some team. Create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following issues related to multidisciplinary teams in your organization:


Description and make-up of the team

Number of team members

Departments or specialties

If applicable, is the patient a member of the interdisciplinary team? Why or why not?

Purpose and/or goals for the team

Does the team have a clear purpose and/or goals?

Critique how the purpose, or lack thereof, impacts team performance

How does the team communicate?

How is team performance measured? (You may want to ask the leader or member of the team. Remember to include a personal communication citation, per APA)

Is this a permanent or ad hoc team?

How would you characterize the leader’s style, if there is a leader?

Summary or conclusion


Maximum 20 slides, excluding a reference slide. A minimum of 3 academic or professional references are required in the PowerPoint presentation.

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