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The Baldrige Program

The Baldrige Program seeks to improve the performance of U.S. organizations with a supreme customer focus. To that end, the Baldrige Program recognizes those institutions and organizations that demonstrate enhanced competitiveness and adopt commitment to quality and enhanced performance while delivering practices that are “best in class.” Within the context of HSOs, achieving performance excellence as defined by the Baldrige Program indicates an organization has successfully implemented strategies aimed at delivering effective health care in the marketplace and high-quality, successful business practices for sustainable success.

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The Baldrige Program
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For this Assignment, review the Learning Resources for this week and examine the Baldrige criteria for HSOs. Then, select your HSO or an HSO with which you are familiar. Consider how you as a current or future health care administrator might apply the Baldrige criteria and framework to the HSO you selected.


The Assignment (4-6 pages):

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