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Organizational Models at Local and State Levels

A vital element of the health infrastructure that is often overlooked is the state and local Health Department. Explore the various organizational models for public health. These models vary considerably within the country. The health departments in New York State, for example, are free standing, reporting directly to the governor, whereas the health departments in North Carolina and are part of a “superagency.” Some local health departments are an extension of the state health department, while others are autonomous from it, though influenced by the state. Still others are semiautonomous. Any of these departments might be responsible to the city or county government or a combination of them. There are benefits and disadvantages to each of these state and local models.

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Organizational Models at Local and State Levels
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Prepare for this assignment by reviewing the various organizational models, at the NJ and local levels.


– Describe succinctly how the organizational models at either the state or local level differ in terms of their structure and operation.


– Which organizational model would you most prefer to work in? Support your choice by discussing strengths and weaknesses that are inherent in these organizational models.

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