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NR700 Week 5 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest 2017 August

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NR700 Week 5 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest 2017 August
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Week 5: Application of Borrowed Theories to Advanced Nursing Practice

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Explicate a selected borrowed theory that you already know or one that you read about in this week’s lecture, readings or other materials. Provide an example of how this theoretical perspective has been used to frame nursing knowledge, care or leadership in any health care setting.

  • List the concepts that constitute the theory and
  • Describe the relevance of those concepts to your advancing nursing knowledge and practice.

    In other words, you would not describe Maslow’s theory as it relates to an entry-level, new graduate nursing assessment, but you could consider how an advanced practice nurse, working on his or her doctoral degree would use that theory to improve patient outcomes, quality and safety, access or cost.
    Similarly you could talk about how using Albert Bandura’s Self Efficacy concept facilitates more effective intervention in smoking cessation initiatives.

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Week 5: Scholarship of Evidence-based Practice

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Describe at least two examples of how EBP scholarship is demonstrated either by you personally or by someone in your practice environment. Include in your example descriptions, which type of scholarship the example represents.

Recall from your lesson that the types of scholarship include (a) discovery, (b) teaching or (c) application and integration. Which type of scholarship do you think that your DNP project will be? Why do you think so?

Further, projects can be categorized into (a) quality improvements, (b) implementing practice guidelines, (c) evaluating practice processes and policy, or (d) examining patterns of behavior.

Thinking about these categories of scholarship and project type, how would you describe your potential project?

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