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Importance of Program Evaluations

Evaluation is a critical element when designing new programs or in determining effectiveness of existing ones. Methods of evaluation may be simplistic or elaborate. There can be an element of intimidation as staff outcomes may be analyzed. A successful technique is to engage them in the evaluative process. Not only will they be involved, they can assist in designing and applying remedial processes when necessary. Quality improvement is an integral part of many organizations and is an inherent element of many endeavors including health care. It is frequently examined by groups that provide accreditation of all types.

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Importance of Program Evaluations
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It is helpful to have a plan developed to provide guidance and structure to the endeavor. Plans should include impact of the evaluation, improve the manner in which a service is provided, determining program goals, and a remedial program if necessary. The ability to promote helpful remedies is critical. Funds and resources should be determined as the plan is being devised.


In your response, take and defend a position of using or not using program evaluations to make changes in a program. Is there really any value in evaluating how the program is meeting its stated goals and objectives? Might it result in closing a needed program?


Please provide references and a min of 250+ words.

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