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Death and Dying According to Elisabeth Kubler Ross

What are the five stages of grief and what happens during each stage?

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Death and Dying According to Elisabeth Kubler Ross
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How might Dr. Ross react to the following scenarios: You’re the caregiver of a terminal patient, who continually asks, “How sick and I; Am I going to die; Why doesn’t anyone tell me what’s wrong with me?” You approach the physician and he asks (with tears in his eyes) “What do you want me to do, tell her that she’s going to die?”


Is it appropriate to offer our interpretation of death for ourselves to terminally ill patients who ask us to share openly?


Would you think that suicidal or clinically depressed people go through the same stages of grieving as those who have a terminal illness? What do you think Dr. Ross’ response would be to this question?


What type of influence(s) do you think Dr. Ross had on the medical community following publication of his book?

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