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CLINICAL PRESENTATION (Will be done your last day of clinical)

Clinical presentations can be based on any content area covered in NUR2115. You could use an idea below or develop your own idea. All topics MUST be cleared with your clinical instructor. Presentations take place on the last day of clinical. You do not need to submit your clinical presentation to the main course shell (only submit to your clinical course shell).  See requirements below.

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CLINICAL PRESENTATION (Will be done your last day of clinical)
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20 points


Presentation Requirements:

Choose a topic you can cover well in about 15 – 20 minutes. Prepare! You must be well versed in your topic as you will get questions from your peers. The presentation should include at least 3 learning objectives included in an organized, thoughtful teaching presentation outline to hand out to your audience (can either be in outline format or a PPT outline). You will need a visual (such as PPT, Kahoot!, quizzes, handouts, etc.- cannot solely include a pre-made visual such as a YouTube video).

Develop an approximate timeline to organize yourself and to assure you cover your content and answer any questions within the time allowed. Be prepared for your presentation. Presenters will be randomly chosen; Please be ready when called to avoid losing points.

Possible Topics:

Infection Control

Health Promotion

Labs: CBC, BUN, Creatinine, Electrolytes

Oxygen Therapy

Medications and Administration


Wound Care

Enteral Feeding

Diabetes Management


Oral Hygiene (related to patients and prevention of infection)


Cultural Considerations

The Aging Adult


Clinical Presentation Grading Rubric: Topic Must be Cleared by Clinical Instructor

Presentation Outline

(Includes 3 learning objectives, proper grammar & spelling, clear outline/easy to follow, copies for audience/uploaded in clinical course shell)

5 points
Implications for Nursing Practice (content must be covered in Funds and related to nursing practice, include topics such as patient safety, nursing priorities, nursing interventions, etc.) 10 points
Reference List in APA format 5 points

*Must submit outline, visual, & APA formatted reference list via drop box on clinical course shell in blackboard. Clinical instructor will share clinical presentation grades with lead instructor.

20 points




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