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Review Of Current Healthcare Issues


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Review Of Current Healthcare Issues
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Review Of Current Healthcare Issues

Having a scarcity of nurses has a direct impact on patient care. There is a clear correlation between nurse shortage and patient mortality. Every 1,000 days, a full-time RN reduces inpatient mortality by 4.3%. Fewer nurses led to a 2% to 7% rise in the mortality rate in hospitals (Haddad, Annamaraju & Toney-Butler, 2020). The scarcity of nurses is another critical element of the overcrowding of emergency rooms. By 92 percent of all emergency departments, overpopulation is causing more extended hospital stays, more treatments, lasting damage, or even death in certain situations. Medical errors are more likely to occur when facilities are overcrowded. Hospital patients had to wait long periods to see a physician because of a scarcity of nurses.

According to a poll, patients at three out of four hospitals had to wait more than three hours for a consultation. A lack of nurses leads to an increase in medication errors. More than half of all nurses admitted to making pharmacological mistakes last year. Misusing or giving out the wrong medicine might be harmful. With a lack of RNs, it’s hardly surprising that just half of them are satisfied with their salaries. Students who enroll in nursing programs should be paid more and given incentives. Also, keep an eye out for members of underrepresented groups. As a result of implementing this plan, the sector will benefit from more diversity, better access to top talent, and a reduction in labor shortages (Marć et al., 2019). It is also important to note that those presently employed as RNs who want to progress in their career will benefit from further training and education. As a result of their continued education and development, nurses are more likely to remain in their current positions.





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