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 Women improve their living standards from their

hard work despite them down looked by the male gender.

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Women improve their living standards from their
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Establishing an educative program that aims at empowering women and girls will help address

issues cutting across the economy allows women and girls to participate in society entirely.

Women and girls’ empowerment programs involve steps that are more integrated and addresses

women’s experiment in the economy, evading barriers like conflicts and gender-based violence

that brings insecurities to women. These programs must have a goal of strengthening society’s

opportunities to support women’s economic empowerment. A society with educated girls leads to

female leaders increasing and lowers the level of the population growing, therefore, reducing

pressures that are concerning change in the climate.

Promoting women participation in the economy makes gender equality an intelligent economy.

Participation of women in the economy equips them with knowledge, promotes productivity in

the agricultural sector, and enhances management in the economy and investment in returns.

Women investment meant yields multiple effects. A more significant percentage of women have

the norm of reinvesting large portions of their salaries in the community and their families. They

are also vital to stable and peaceful societies, which is an essential factor to economic growth.

Financial inclusion to women will help support the efforts kept by women in accessing quality

financial services that involve credits and savings. Women’s valuable role in advancing

agriculture and food security development encourage supportive programs for female farmers

and agricultural enterprises owned by women. Polices also need to be advocated and programs

that offer solutions to enable women to participate in the economy, including reforming practices

that limit women from accessing capital, inheritance rights and land tenure ( Ahuru, R. R.2021)

Counterarguments on women empowerment in education to the economy hurt firms through

unfairness. People tend to adapt to the fairness system favouring one party involved. Treating








women fairly will enable them to access and reach more opportunities. Making them feel that

they belong to a particular group drives them to join it. Mistreating them and making them feel

they are not part of a particular group discourages them from reaching new opportunities.

Unfairness leads to more rejection, and women being placed in places to make them better

executives most likely portray that they cannot reach certain levels.

Despite the unfair treatment being about women, unfair treatment can hold back any team in the

short run. It discourages and creates indignation with members of the groups holding themselves

back in the long run. The labour markets take their way by splitting due to them avoiding the

career paths due to unfair treatment with the firms having a lot of positions to be filled by the

increasingly less talented applicants. Evil invaders should not be empowered in space. Women

who are discriminated against in the workplace can experience mental health due to stress, with

most of them encountering substance abuse issues (Dadi, D.2021). While others become so

confident in asserting their rights that lead to equal treatment, others become more fearful in

taking action and experience struggle that is often affected by factors such as woman’s duty in

the company.

Many existing arguments on empowering women make women feel separated from the group

they feel in despite being traditional. These traditional arguments assume that women are too

weak too emotional and that empowering women goes against the natural rule of how things are

in order. These can also be against the divine rules that have been ordained by God wanting

women to occupy. Even if there exists a God who does not want women to perform some takes

that women are proving themselves they are capable of doing all of these display that God is not

that worth of everyone devotion. There being no argument for believing that the earth is flat, it is





sure that it appears there is no better argument to deny women the power and the responsibility

that men are given.

With women attempting to advance their careers and climbing the corporate ladder, unfairness

encounters their progress. Women are to be acknowledged in their progress, which brings a form

of biasness that limits their career options. From childhood, skilled women place their families

regarding their profession and plan their living while men move around supporting their families

by career advancement. With this gender equality, women are kept In a position of fighting

human nature. Women’s lack of belief hinders them from accessing many job opportunities with

this gender acknowledged as bias with it seen as a form of blaming the victim with a semblance

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