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“Where you get to share with the class your own various stages

of developmental changes from the p a s t a n d B e y o n d . . . ! ”

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“Where you get to share with the class your own various stages
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From Birth to death, from Piaget to Kübler-Ross, we have looked at the many milestones and slippery stages of human development. Now it’s time to apply all these theories to YOUR LIFE. That’s right! Your Life!


Muster up some old photographs of yourself from birth to present. (Please make copies of these rather than use the originals.) Use these to represent your own stages of development. You will explain each concept of development by giving examples from your life. Find pictures from magazines or the internet that will represent your later years.

Create a scrapbook or any type of graphical description of your life during and the psychological stages discussed. This will cover from BIRTH to DEATH.

Example: picture of yourself at 2 weeks old with a caption saying “Me – two weeks old – Infancy – I can’t walk yet, but I have many reflexes such as the rooting reflex. This is when someone touches my cheek or near my mouth, causing me I turn my head and open my mouth.”



Required Periods and Concepts to Cover 1. Physical Development – a) Infant reflexes, critical

stages b) Motor Development in Infancy – from 4-16 months, and infants motor development proceeds in an orderly sequence c) Puberty – adolescent growth spurt, what happens? d) Middle age – Changes in

body e) Old age – Changes in Health f) Finally, the gruesome question,

how will you die? Will you die from one of the most prevalent chronic diseases discussed in class? Evaluate your habits regarding health and look at heredity for your answer.



This Is Your Life!


2. Social Development – a) Attachment, Stranger Anxiety b) Konrad Lorenz – Imprinting c) Harry Harlow – Contact Comfort d) Parenting styles – Which

ones? relationship with parents f) James Marcia’s – Identity formation –

four categories, which ones are you? g) Erik Erikson’s Eight Stages of

Development (Incorporate throughout your life).

h) Various concepts: Generativity, & Empty Nest Syndrome

i) Aging and adjustment – ego integrity, techniques of a long & healthy life.

i) Elizabeth Kübler Ross’ five stages of dying.

3. Cognitive Development – a) Jean Piaget’s theory of Cognitive

Development – four stages. b) Lawrence Kohlberg – explained 3 levels

of moral development c) Old age – Memory and keys to maintaining

memory. Or will you suffer from senility? No, you may not die at birth and be done with the project. For the case of the assignment it probably would be nice if everyone will live until at LEAST their 70s – remember the average American lives to be about 78.7 years old. Look at your family history (nature) and the way you live your life (nurture) for clues on how you may DIE. Please don’t kill yourself off early.


The Timeline You will present your photo album on the last day of class.

Things To Do List: • Create a or scrapbook • Look at what we have covered in class

as far as the developmental stages and theories. Most of these have been covered in the PPTs we’ve used in class. Think about examples to use on your “This is Your Life” book. List the items on a separate sheet of paper.

• Find old and current pictures of yourself. • Find pictures that might resemble how

you might look in the future. Pictures of your mom could be great resources or you can find pictures from magazines and the internet. (You know I absolutely would use the one we saw last week with the older women walking in the parade with the “swimsuit” t-shirts if I were creating this scrapbook for me!)



  • “Where you get to share with the class your own various stages

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