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This is one of the crucial meetings which would include involvement of all the project leads and their teams, internal as well as external stakeholders.  This mainly focuses on the overview of the product developments and their compatibility with the clients/stakeholders’ expectations. It is necessary to have a joint review once a month just to justify the efforts being taken in the right direction and as per the requirements. This meeting should overview different problems that are being faced, risks involved, any kind of deviations in the project to keep all the participating stakeholders informed about the project and its progress. Efforts must be made to minimize or eliminate any problems raised during these meetings, which help us understand different expectations from the involved parties.

Acceptance Test

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This is one of the crucial meetings which would include involvement of all the project leads and their teams
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As the name suggests, it is the test carried out by the end user, to understand and acknowledge the use and application of the product to their needs and requirements. This is carried out in joint association with the product team and internal stakeholders just to keep a track of any required changes. This testing usually is the last stage before the product approval by the end user. It helps to track and record the performance of the newly developed product and make the necessary changes as required to create a better version of the existing prototype.

It is also necessary that all the teams and their members must follow the project monitoring activities and update the significant other teams as necessary. This helps to keep a good flow of communication within the teams and help develop a better product that is more acceptable and approved by the end user/client/stakeholder.

Project manager responsibilities and duties

A responsibility matrix is a means that assesses everyone with their strongest skills and assigns them a task accordingly. The point is to guarantee that as the task advances, and everybody comprehends who is doing each task.

· Overseeing the project needs by hiring external help when needed to make sure that the project achieves the desired qualitative and quantitative evaluation.

· Making sure that manufacturing of the products is done as per the guidelines and having a good quality product.

· Responsible for keeping the project on a planned schedule and making sure to factor in the time needed for the contractors to analyze the final product.

· Responsible for keeping the stakeholders and investors updated with the associated risks and delays the project may encounter along the way.

· Reviewing and evaluating the project assessment done by the contractor.

· Assessing the product shortcomings and design variation. Making a change in the product design if necessary to meet the quality standards.

· Monitoring the testing phase of the product and its implementation.

· Making sure all parties involved are satisfied with the product audit outcome.

· Surveying and assessing the revisions needed because of the audit of items and plans and, if important, conducting a meeting to resolve the noticed issues.

· Making sure all the documents from the planning phase to the competition phase are stored and easily accessible for all the parties involved.

· Providing an input in the concluding evaluation and making sure that the product meets the goals and objectives.

· Being the communication medium between the contractor and the stakeholders.

· Allocating the resources effectively and efficiently for successful completion of the project.

Importance of project leaders and sponsors during project execution phase

A project sponsor is firmly supporting the project cause and also responsible for the approval of the project. The sponsor recognizes the business needs behind the undertaking, helps the task supervisor to keep work on target, and ensures to deliver what is expected. The most important qualities a sponsor should have is the inventive ideology, the ability to appreciate people on a profound level and mindfulness, good communication skills including negotiations and resolving conflicts.

Some of the most important responsibilities of a project sponsor are as follows:

· Adjusting the task to business methodology.

· Taking an interest in planning the project.

· Developing a clear problem statement.

· Making sure the proposed arrangement settles the concurred issue

· Making and reliably sharing a rousing vision to inspire the venture group.

· Helping with asset management, including financial plans and the distribution of resources effectively.

· Involved in the execution phase to ensure everything is running as per planned timetable.

· Following task progress and making a remedial move if necessary.

· Tending to any latest possible moment change demands which could defer or risk an undertaking.

· Involved in procurement of resources and partner commitment.

· Giving real time, informed input into key choices to drive the venture forward.

· Settling issues and clashes past the extent of the task supervisor’s position.

· Assessing the venture’s growth upon competition.

· Guiding and supporting the project lead as needed.

Project progress and performance

Accurately estimating the advancement of an undertaking is generally a huge challenge. There are many elements to represent in an advancement update like the kind of estimation, validity of the information, and the arrangement of records.

The Units completed loans themselves well to following errands that are done over and again, where every cycle can without much of a stretch be estimated. Normally a task that is done over and over will in general take about the same time, assets, and exertion, so following the units finished functions admirably here. For example, there are 100 containers to be produced, one can just estimate the time required in doing so due to the repetitive process.

The steps technique which is the gradual achievements strategy is prevalently utilized for cost accounts that include subtasks that should be finished in a precise style. Meaning a wok document will be followed and tasks are to be performed in an orderly manner. As each progression is finished, they are archived as a small achievement which addresses a level of the absolute establishment process. The rate given for each sub task can change in light of the venture. This progress is normally settled on to be utilized as an estimating apparatus in advance. For example, using the Primavera P6 for activity steps.

The development project is expected to take about a month and a half to complete the project cycle. During this time the organization lead will screen step by step the advancement of every division, to guarantee that each stage is on track and that we are on schedule. The report will highlight the progression and challenges to check. This data will be gathered by email and will be presented at recurring biweekly meetings with the stakeholders. Our company will convey and share reports for that week’s accomplishments, the groups recognized, and using the techniques described above. The company will also set up an all-out status report that shows what’s happened up through the current date of the report. Similarly, a stop light report will also be produced to show various divisions where they are in the Project process. The company’s mission is to guarantee that the endeavor is on schedule and for this to happen the teams will be following the planned schedule.

Project Concluding Process

The concluding process concerns exercises directed to formally finish up and end activities of every kind, assignments, and portions of a task. This cycle finishes up by supporting and meeting the last expectations of the client.

It is imperative to finish this interaction at project conclusion. It gives an affirmation that a venture is completed, and additional charges can’t be ascribed or gathered to that specific undertaking. In addition, it affirms that the undertaking has been closed and this licenses reassignment of personnel and staff allotted to that venture to an alternate movement or assignment. A post execution survey of the undertaking is done to distinguish examples learned. Additionally, the audit decides whether the task was executed as per the arrangement.


Our organization had five materials that could work well for the takeout food container like, sugar palm fiber built up sago starch and more. This improvement of takeout food containers has accumulated every one of the procedures that could fulfill the necessities from material qualities and also specialized plan details. A mix of a morphological graph helped the designing team choose the right kind of material that would align with the vision of the stakeholders. The applied plans prompted better conversation among configuration project groups from different divisions all through the project cycle process.

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