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Module 13: Lesson and Notes

The Writing Process

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The Writing Process
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Writing a draft of a research paper is best done in stages. Giving yourself time to work through the writing process makes the difficult task of writing a research paper more manageable (and less stressful).

Sometimes coming up with ideas feels overwhelming. The steps outlined in the slideshow below can help if you’re feeling “stuck” in the early stages of the writing process:

Writing Process  Download Writing Process

Need a refresher on brainstorming?

Brainstorming Handout.docx  Download Brainstorming Handout.docx

Brainstorming.pdf  Download Brainstorming.pdf

Need a refresher on drafting?

Drafting.docx  Download Drafting.docx

Drafting.pdf  Download Drafting.pdf

Need a checklist for revision or editing?

Editing Checklist.docx  Download Editing Checklist.docx

Editing Checklist.pdf  Download Editing Checklist.pdf

Revision Checklist.docx  Download Revision Checklist.docx

Revision Checklist.pdf  Download Revision Checklist.pdf

If you need help, incorporating source material into your writing, see this site:  Using Resear

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