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Analysis Assignment 1 (35 pts) DUE DATE 03.09.22

Part 1: Cinematic Space: An Existential Analysis

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Part 1: Cinematic Space: An Existential Analysis
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Utilizing Juhani Pallasmaa’s readings as a foundation for your exploration and analysis, explore the following ideas (and others) as they have been applied to cinema, and to the specific films that we’ve viewed to date. Outline your own ideas and conclusions… (select two films – approximately 700+ words each)

-Existential Elements -Layered Meaning -Poetic Imagery and Considerations -Authenticity (how the film maintains the sense of reality)

Note: Additional Reading: Koeck, Richard; Cinematic Spaces in Architecture and Cities. Chapter 3: Existential and Experiential Notions of Space (additional readings may also apply).

Part 2: Map out a Spatial Sequence Analysis

Break down a sequence of your choosing from one specific film that you’ve selected in Part 1, in a diagram in thorough detail. Map out the scene, or rather give a tour of the space from a high angle shot (aka; a rendition on a floor plan). Note: you cannot select a film that you’ve already been assigned for the weekly class review.

Part 3: Written Narrative of Sequence Analysis

Discuss how the interior architecture/design and furnishings (+ color/material/pattern/finishes) become crucial elements to the narrative of the film. Explain how the maps/diagrams of your sequence analysis break down a scene in detail, and how that relates to both the film and filming techniques in the scene and the film in general. Note, this is less an exercise in narrative/ plot, but more exercise about movement through space.

Written sequence analysis should include:

-around 700 words -how movement through the space impacts the plot/atmosphere -how it works as a space that was shot in a single location -how the interior (or other) space effects the plot/characters/action –what spatial qualities can you relate to interior design thinking -why you chose this sequence

Spring 2022

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