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Distance Learning

Needs Assessment Grade Task Force

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istance Learning Needs Assessment Grade Task Force
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Elsie Allen High School March 2021

By Richard Molloy



“The goal of this Task Force is to bring the voices, concerns, experiences, and ideas of students, families, and staff together to look at what we can do differently with distance learning today, this week, and in the near and far future to support all of our students.”

Grade Task Force Membership:

Gabriel Albavera-Admin

Andy Lieberman-Admin

Casey Thornhill-Admin

Sarah Cranke-Admin

Erick Rodriguez-Counselor

Ry Basham-Mintz-Counselor

Brian Deller-Teacher

Richard Molloy-Teacher

Lizbeth Moreno-Family Engagement Facilitator

Mayra Sosa-Family Engagement Facilitator

Emily Thompson-Instructional Assistant

Kathy Hayes-Admin Assistant

Sally Gonzalez-Registrar

Angie Ghadiri-Parent

Ana Vazquez-Parent

Jennifer Spain-Parent

Emily Humphrey-Parent

Chelsy Reyes Ramirez-Student

Maisha Khakaba-Student

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