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In conclusion, women have the voice and right to fight for better employment opportunities in

the market. We all need to accept women’s viewpoints and raise their status through training,

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In conclusion, women have the voice and right to fight for better employment opportunities in
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education and creating awareness. Empowering women equips and provides an opportunity to

make life-determining decisions through different societal challenges. They need opportunities to

reformulate the gender roles, which results in more freedom to pursue their desired goals.

Policies must be developed effectively and taken to accord women with fairness and equal

chances to prevent sexual violence against women and other citizens of the same victim. The

policymakers need to support training n jobs to enter the formal market. It is recommendable for

policymakers to provide more formal education opportunities to women to enable high

bargaining power at homes. This will make them have high wages outside their homes and make

it easier for women to access job opportunities in the market.







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