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Topic: Impact of cartoons on children and their brain development

Currently, there are many TV channels that broadcast cartoons nonstop. This is an issue of interest since it tends to have both negative and positive effects on children’s behavior. It is a world of globalization as well as technology. Additionally, children tend to stay in the house without supervision (Ghilzai, Alarn, & Ahmad, 2017). As they are in the house, the only way they can entertain themselves is through television. Children are mostly attracted to cartoon series. Cartoons have a great impact on the thinking, intellectual and communicative capabilities of kids. This research work will enable me to identify how cartoons impact children. I will as well identify the various ways to deal with the negative impacts caused by cartoons on children. This topic interests me because it will allow me to demonstrate how children can misinterpret cartoons as fiction and nonfiction scenarios in real-life situations.

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Impact of cartoons on children and their brain development
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Ghilzai, S., Alarn, R., & Ahmad, Z. (2017). Impact of Cartoon Programs on Children’s Language and Behavior. Insights in Language Society and Culture, 2, 104-126. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/323523698_Impact_of_Cartoon_Pr

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