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Hey there! I’m Chelsea.

I’m an online educator and academic writing expert.

Thank you for downloading this free guide on APA formatting 7th edition for STUDENT PAPERS!

Let’s get started!



Page number

Paper title Bolded Capital Case


Affiliation line

Course info


Due date

Title page

Inset page break

For full APA formatting tutorial click here!



Paper title No “introduction” heading before the first

paragraph. Title of your paper

signifies the introduction.

Parenthetical citation, one author

Narrative citation, one author

Parenthetical citation, multiple authors

Parenthetical citation, direct quote

Parenthetical citation, two authors

For full in-text citation tutorial click here!

First page/ in-text citations



Main section heading

Subsection of Level 1

Subsection of Level 2

Centered Bolded Title Case

Flush left Bolded Title Case

Flush left Bolded italic Title Case

Indented Bolded Title Case End with period

Indented Bolded italic Title Case End with period

Subsection of Level 3

Subsection of Level 4

For full section heading tutorial click here!

Section headings

Inset page break



Reference List

For full reference list tutorial click here!

Centered & Bolded

4 elements all references Author. (Date). Title. Source

Inset page break



Centered & bolded

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