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Hali Carr – Blog Response New

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Hali Carr – Blog Response New
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Posted by   Hali Carr  at Saturday, March 12, 2022 12:43:53 AM

Describe how the content in this course might impact what you want to do and who you want to become in the field of early childhood:


The material in this course is directly tied to the administration of early childhood education programs. As a Head Start employee, I understand the importance of quality services for children and families. Providing quality services requires that programs use a series of checks and balances to ensure all aspects of programs comply with Head Start Performance Standards. Implementing evaluation processes and learning how to support early childhood education staff is an important part of administration. Learning new techniques and gaining in-depth understanding of how to properly conduct internal evaluations and prepare for governing evaluations will benefit my performance as a Human Resources Coordinator. Knowledge is power when it comes to effectively running a complex program such as a Head Start agency and knowing how to implement evaluation processes is a must.


The course content also prompts students to understand what conditions should prompt evaluations. Not only is it required for many early education programs to undergo formal evaluations, but it is also necessary that they recognize the need for internal evaluations. This is especially important for times when administration feels there are performance issues in certain areas within the program. This course explores those elements of evaluation.


Support for early childhood programs is also a central focus for the course. In agencies and organizations where there is extensive governance, resources and support is necessary. The National Association for the Education of Young Children or NAEYC, provides programs with guidance on where to find resources and how to be a resource to others. NAEYC supports the belief that equality and quality are primary focuses of professionalism in early childhood education programs (NAEYC, n.d).


Explain how you might both impact and be impacted by the process of evaluating program quality:


As a coordinator, my departme

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