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Exp19_DSP_Word_Science Project Description:
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Project Description:

In this project, you will prepare a chemistry lab report, modifying and formatting an existing document that has been reviewed by your partner. You will also add data tables relevant to the experiment being described.


Start   Word. Download and open the file named Exp19_DSP_Word_Science.docx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename.


Ensure that formatting marks are   displayed. Reply to the comment on page 4, typing I will add the conclusions we mentioned   yesterday. (Include   the period.)


Place the insertion point at the   beginning of the document. Add Leslie Pangle after Name,   Dr. Charles Cooper after Lab Partner, and October 18, 2021 after Date.


Adjust the left and right   margins to 1″. Insert an unedited footer and insert a page number at the   Bottom of the page using Plain Number 2 selection, or another page number   entry if that style is unavailable. Close the footer.


Select the entire document and   change the font to Times New Roman, with a font size of 12 pt. Center align   the title (Analysis of Iron in a   Vitamin Pill) and change the font size to 14 pt.


Right align the information   above the title of the paper beginning with Name: and ending with Date:.   Change the line spacing of those lines to single.


Apply the Subtitle style to all of the headings (Abstract, Introduction, Materials, Procedure, Results, Conclusion,   and References). Modify the   Subtitle style to apply Italic formatting and a font size of 12 pt.


Select the list of materials on   page 2, beginning with Spectrophotometer   and ending with Vitamin tablet,   and convert it to a bulleted list using the default bullet selection. Format   the list in two columns.


Draw a text box just below the   list of materials and type Dilution Equation (M1V1 = M2V2). Apply subscript to the numbers in the equation.


Format the text in the text box   to Times New Roman 12 pt.. Remove the outline from the text box and change   the height to 0.3″ and the width to 2.5″.


Change the text wrapping to   Square and apply Align Center alignment to the textbox.


Insert a blank line after the   first body paragraph in the Procedure   section, ending in rinse them out   thoroughly. Insert a table with five columns and six rows at the location   of the blank paragraph.


Merge all cells on the first row   and type Preparation of Standards Solutions. (Do not include the period.)


Enter the following headings and   data, beginning on row 2. Several titles may automatically wrap within cells.

Solution mL Stock Iron Solution Drops of Citrate mL Hydroquinone mL Phenanthroline
1 1 6 1 1.5
2 2 12 1  1.5
3 3 18 1 1.5
4 5 30 1  1.5


Insert a row below the headings   on row 2, type Blank as the Solution type, and then complete the rest of the row with   the following data:
Blank  0  0   0   1.5


Change the line spacing of row 2   to Single. Change the height of row 2 to 0.4″.


Format the table using the Grid   Table 1 Light table style. Deselect the First Column checkbox on the Table   Design tab so the first column is not formatted. Center align all cells.


Add a footnote following the mL Stock Iron Solution heading. The   footnote should read Stock iron   solution provided by instructor. (Do not type the period.)


Move to the table on page 4 and   insert a new row above the first row in the table. Type Table 1:   Calibration Curve Data Table. Merge all cells in the first row and apply Align Top Center   alignment.


Format the table to AutoFit   Window and apply the Grid Table 1 Light table style. Deselect the First   Column checkbox on the Table Design tab so the first column is not formatted.


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