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Essay Analysis of 24 Hours Diet


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Essay Analysis of 24 Hours Diet
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Essay Analysis of 24 Hours Diet


Healthy eating is fundamental for health and oral health. Nutrition contains a direct impact on the gum and teeth. Unhealthy nutrition can result in cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Studies have also associated oral disease with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and premature birth. People with poor health teeth experience teeth disease. Without proper nutrition, balance can result in severe teeth decay and cavities, resulting in the difficulty of the teeth to resist infection (Altima, 2018). Too much sugary food is connected with teeth disease. To improve teeth health, one needs to choose low sugar content options. A balanced diet is also associated with health in general. It strengthens the body’s immune system, thus resisting diseases and other infections. Physicians advise people to consume a healthy and balanced diet regularly to increase their health.

Amount of Food Group Serving

Food groups define the healthy eating of an individual. Food group has been classified to fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy, and grains. Having balanced food is fundamental to our health. In my case, I balanced my diet by ensuring I had all the food groups as possible. The food group simplified my dietary balance as it provided recommended level of food to be consumed. I ensure that I consume at least three food from the food group mentioned below in my daily diet. The following table summarizes my daily servings of food groups.

Table 1

Summary of my Daily Serving Groups

Food group Servings per day
Grains 4 per day
Vegetables 2 per day
Dairy 1 per day
Fruits 2 per day
Protein 2 per day


Compared with the MyPlate plan, my servings seem to be matching and directly effective; this ensures that my servings are productive and balanced. Continuing like this, I will be assured a healthy life. As mentioned in MyPlate, at least one serving per day for all food types is recommended for the diet. When compared to my diet, I meet them.

Scoring the Sweet

According to research, carries can take four and a half minutes to excavate. Various factors are linked to increasing carries. Sugary food and drinks are most likely to contribute to the emergence of dental caries and poor oral hygiene. Effective toothbrush removes plaques before tooth decay. Additionally, poor oral hygiene contributes to an increase in carries. As mentioned by Linda (2017), adequate fluoride minerals are responsible for fighting dental carries and protecting tooth decay; teeth become vulnerable without enough fluoride. People who fight a dry mouth experience low salivary to clean their teeth in certain health conditions. Heartburn introduces stomach acid to the mouth, damaging the enamel and weakening it, thus making it easy to decay.

Cariogenic food is the food facilitating the development of carriers. This food includes starch and sugars, which encourage acid development in the mouth. They include chips, dried fruits, flavored milk, ice cream, white bread, and sweetened cereals. To prevent carries, a dietary adjustment should be considered. In my case, I will have to minimize the consumption of food low in sugar and ensure fluoride in food is enough, which will minimize carries. Unhealthy snacks are associated with carries. Dentists recommend replacing these snacks to have healthy teeth. In my case, I will replace this with healthy snacks, including low-fat yogurt and fresh fruits.

Modifying Diet

Based on my dietary servings stated above, I need to reduce the amount of grain serving from four to two per day to meet the recommended daily servings. This is to ensure I acquire as low calories as possible. I need to increase servings of fruits and vegetables to 3 per day, as suggested by Nishi et al. (2017). In addition, I will ensure to reduce consumption of sugary food and increase consumption of healthy snacks such as lower-fat cheese. As the recommendation suggests, I will need to ensure a liquid in every meal and adequate water consumption. I have been taking less water per day and have realized that I need to be taking more water. I will require at least one fresh or frozen fruit type in every meal.

Comparing Diet #1 and Diet #2

In the case study in diets #1 and #2, I realized that a person consuming diet #2 has a poor diet balance compared to one. In this illustration, person #2 needs to focus on adjusting the diet and eating habits to meet the recommended dietary balance. There is a need to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. Protein and dairy are well balanced. In addition, person #2 needs to increase grains consumption as person #1 had.


Nutritional balance is essential for our daily lives. Everyone needs to consider a balanced diet. Most dental carries result from the poor diet we consume daily. As recommended in MyPlate, people need to ensure their diets are balanced and healthy. Unhealthy food, fatty food, and sugary food should be minimized in meals, and fruit should be increased. Fruits contain constituents essential for dental health and immune health in general. Therefore, people need to consume as many fruits as possible. There is also a knowledge gap that needs to be addressed so that people understand what they need to consume in what proportions.



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