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Topic: Effects of Video Games on child development


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: Effects of Video Games on child development
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Your presentation can take any form you choose that is conducive to an online format. This includes narrated slide shows (e.g. Powerpoint, Prezi, YouTube), podcasts, or audio recordings. You can supplement with written materials (e.g. brochures, pamphlets, research posters, etc.) if you wish, but this is optional. Your presentation should contain about 8-10 minutes of content. Use the rubric below to structure your work. Be sure to touch upon each required component to earn as many points as you can.


Your presentation should incorporate at least 5 credible sources. These can include the sources from your annotated bibliography or you can include other credible sources that you have found.

You may use some non-credible sources in your final presentation to provide interest and detail. If you use non-credible sources, they should be from reputable sources that are known to provide accurate information. For media outlets, one way to check this is by referring to the Media Bias Chart which tells you the political leanings of different sources as well as the reliability of the information they provide. Notice that the reliability of information is higher among news sources that are less partisan.

Citations and References

Remember to include in-text citations in APA-7 format that tell your audience the source of your information. If you are creating a slideshow, there should typically be at least one citation per slide. The in-text citations will direct the audience to your reference list.

Include a reference list in APA format. This can be at the end of your presentation or posted as a separate document. Remember that your reference list is a catalog of the citations you have used. You should not have sources on your reference list that have not been cited in your work.

Discussion questions

In addition to your presentation, you will post a discussion question about your topic for your classmates.  Your question should be open-ended and thought-provoking to ensure a rich discussion. Throughout the week, each student should monitor the comments generated by his/her discussion question and respond to the comments accordingly.

The Week 8 discussion participation score requires you to post a response to the discussion questions for at least five class presentations.

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