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Effect on the Cruisesing Industry

From a financial point of view, one can tell that these innovations will be costly for the industry but will enable the industry to reap a lot of gains. There is an expectation of an increase in sales revenue, efficiency, and financial performance of cruiser ships; increased employment and better wages in the industry; greater market share; and improvement in the value of listed shares of the cruiser lines[footnoteRef:10] Sales revenue would be exponentially high because the fascinating entertainment options will attract customers – they would desire to get a retreat or a vacation of their life no matter the cost. Cruiser ships make billions of dollars in revenues each; the increase in demand in the industry would necessitate companies to hire more employees and provide them with better remuneration and compensation to avoid letting rival organizations poach them. Comment by Author: How can one tell this? Is there information on the costs of these technologies? Comment by Author: ? Comment by Author: Run-on sentence. Also, this is a relatively old source for a topic on innovation. Comment by Author: How do you know this? Comment by Author: This could be better written. Also, can you support this statement? Comment by Author: ? Comment by Author: Each ship? Are you sure? Comment by Author: Redundant? [10: Theron, J. (2020, June 3). 12 Key Factors to be Considered in Industry Analysis. Googlesir. https://www.googlesir.com/factors-to-be-considered-in-industry-analysis/ ]

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Effect on the Cruisesing Industry
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Market shares for the cruiser lines that have adapted to these entertainment and hospitality technologies will also increase substantially because normal cruisers (those without latest innovations and technologies in the industry) would not be able to compete effectively. Lastly and most importantly, there would be a significant augmentation in the value of the shares of listed companies in the cruisesing industry. For instance, the shares of the world’s largest cruise lines such as Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH), Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited (RCL), and Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) are likely to increase because investors would be attracted by their enormous profits owing to the adaption of the latest entertainment technologies in their operations[footnoteRef:11]. Comment by Author: ? Comment by Author: ? Comment by Author: How do you know this? Must all cruise offerings be high-tech? Comment by Author: If this is true, why haven’t all cruise companies invested heavily in such technology? [11: Evans, K. (2022, January 4). 3 Top Cruise Ship Stocks To Buy in 2022. GOBankingRates. https://www.gobankingrates.com/investing/stocks/best-cruise-line-stocks/ ]







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