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Due: Sunday by 11:59pm Total Points: 100 Overview: This assignment is part 1 of the ongoing case study project introduced at the start of the course. Complete this portion of the case study using the accompanying outline template provided in Blackboard. The Case Study Project is not a collaborative effort. All assignments should be completed individually.

Instructions: Based on all readings and resources this week and the outline template provided, write a Business Case for your project. Remember a Business Case is a proposal! Write the Business Case as if the project has not yet begun (even if the project you’ve chosen as your case study already has started, or has even finished.) If you’re debating whether a project is too big or small for this assignment, review the Business Case and Project Proposal Outline template attached to the assignment. If you’re not able to fairly easily provide the information the Business Case outline requires for your project, then you should consider a different project. For additional help, run an internet search on “tips for writing a business case” and see what you find! There is a significant amount of information online. Specifically, you may find the following websites useful – but there are many others as well:

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Due: Sunday by 11:59pm Total Points: 100 Overview: This assignment is part 1 of the ongoing case study project introduced at the start of the course.
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 www.gantthead.com

 www.pmhut.com

 www.theiiba.org


 Use the “Business Case and Project Proposal Outline” template to complete the

assignment and submit to Blackboard.

 Please follow APA guidelines (proper margins, double-spaced, Times New Roman font,

12-point font).

 Use APA citation format and include a reference/works cited page when necessary.

 Writing should be clear, concise, and well organized. Thoughts should be expressed in

a logical manner.

 The writing should be free of spelling, grammar errors with excellent sentence /

paragraph construction.

 The outline template should be 4 pages maximum in length including reference page/work cited page.

PMG501 – Scope Project Management

Unit 1 Assignment: Writing a Business Case for a Case Study Project



 Save your files using the following filename convention:

o BusinessCase – FirstName_LastName


Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper/project will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.


Evaluation Rubric for Unit 1: Business Case and Project Proposal Outline Assignment


CRITERIA Deficient


Improvement Proficient



0 – 15 Points 16 – 19 Points 20 – 24 Points 25 Points

Overview of the Business case and Requirements

Business case

overview and/or

correct number of

requirements are

missing and does

not adequately

address key points.

Business case

overview and correct

number of


address all key

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