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College taught me how to deal with individuals and their troubles, as well as how to listen instead of talking too much. Eighty percent of African Americans are traumatized and have no idea how to deal with it. Simply decide to keep going. As for me, I just knew I didn’t want to be cursed by this generation. I hated going home, so college felt like home. I’ve noticed that some African American mothers dislike their daughters.

Although graduation from college was a major accomplishment, I felt as if I had no plans. I came back home (to the area I said I would never return) to work at Burger King, in which I have worked for the past ten years. I was just thinking about how I have a degree but can’t seem to achieve anything with it. I was depressed and ready to give up. I started my master’s program, but when I became pregnant, I felt ashamed, so I continued my studies while working two jobs.

I didn’t have a solid support system at the time, and there was a lot of negativity. I returned to school after having the kid, but only for a semester because I had no one to help me. Having a child with no support is hard. When all you doing is fussing and crying is really mess up your mental health. As did not know how to deal with the current situation.  My life was in shambles.  I was overeating and just not there mentally. As life passed, I met some great people who taught me a lot.

After having a child, I noticed that I did know myself and what was best for me. In the year 2021, I learned so much about myself which was amazing experience. Last year, I started school again. I had this supervisor that pushed me to go back, and I actually learned how to date myself. You probably like where this heading is. Dec 30 2020, my best friend pass, this hit really hard. I really did not know how to take this experience until this day I struggle with it. My grandmother told me I need to get over it. How can you tell someone that? People handle death different. I would not want tell my future clients that. This what made me want attend counseling.

I should not pass judgment as a prospective counselor, but I genuinely want an African American counselor who will understand me as a person. But I had one that she just didn’t get; it’s almost as if she never showed up or didn’t take notes while we chatted. I felt like I was wasting my time, so I halted my counseling appointment there. Around the end of April, I decided to test out BetterMe, a counseling website that claims to find you a counselor in your town or within driving distance.



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College taught me how to deal with individuals and their troubles, as well as how to listen instead of talking too much
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I had three counselor and I finally made it to my fourth counselor in July of 2021. As I learn so much from counseling to help with my anxiety and depression. Also and understanding my past trauma I went through at young teen/adult. As I can actually speak my mind and not feel guilty about doing. Everyone one is not perfect but we all do learn. During counselling I had a problem saying no I feel bad if I say no like god is going to punish me if I tell people no. Being in counseling and let me learn how to show emotions or how to better deal with my clients. My life show me that you can do anything you put your mind to. Being an African American female you just got grind harder at what you want.


To include life is all about learning and what’s for you will always be for you. As African American do have a hard time. But overall it an eye opener for other that we are actually out here succeeding and enjoying life. As we do work 10x harder than any other race. As a child I always wonder how the mind work and why people do what they do. As I major and counseling I also want go for my Psyd. In clinical psychology I want do more with the forensic psychology background.

As we enter the life of a counselor, populations most qualified to work with I actually have work with a lot of populations so far and the most interesting is the prison population. I have been with the prison for over 3.5 years and try me I will never and life think I could work at a prison and you talking about counseling there also. This was new learning experience for me but I also notice that dealing with the prison mental health is more environment thing mental health at times.


As working with mental health for over 10 years I work with children with disabilities to adults with psychiatric issues. To the prison with anything you can imaging they did to come back there. Actually do not have population that I feel uncomfortable with yet as im still learning but I have deal with the rapist and the abuser but I feel it’s a trauma they did with as children. Dealing with clients or inmates I do not judge their criminals or what they did any their past or I trying not to. Im still learning as I future my education and skills.

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