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Apply the Layout 6 Quick Layout.

2. Move the chart so it appears below the sales data.

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Apply the Layout 6 Quick Layout.
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7. Insert a clustered column chart (2-D Column) to show the sales for each type of popcorn for each location. Do not include the totals. Note: You must complete this step correctly in order to receive points for completing the next step. Check your work carefully.

8. Modify the column chart as follows:

1. If necessary, modify the chart so each location is represented by a data series and the popcorn types are listed along the x axis.

2. Change the chart title to: August Sales by Popcorn Type

3. Apply the Style 5 chart Quick Style.

4. Display the chart data labels using the Outside End option.

5. If necessary, move the chart so it is next to the pie chart and the top of the charts are aligned.

9. Preview how the worksheet will look when printed, and then apply print settings to print the worksheet on a single page. Hint: If you have one of the charts selected, deselect it before previewing the worksheet. Preview the worksheet again when you are finished to check your work.

1. Change the orientation so the page is wider than it is tall.

2. Change the margins to the preset narrow option.

3. Change the printing scale so all columns will print on a single page.

10. Top’t Corn is considering a new truck purchase. Help calculate whether it is a good idea for the company to make the purchase.

1. Go to the TruckLoan worksheet.

2. Apply borders using the Thick Outside Borders option around cells A6:B7.

3. In cell A9, type: Average sales

4. In cell B9, enter a formula to calculate the average sales per month for the truck locations. Hint: Use cells B7:E7 from the MobileSales worksheet as the function argument.

5. Apply the Currency number format to cell B9. Display two digits after the decimal.

6. In cell A10, type: Buy new truck?

7. In cell B10, enter a formula using the IF function to display Yes if the monthly payment for the truck loan is less than the average sales per month for the current trucks. Display No if it is not.

8. In cell A12, add a hyperlink to the https://www.nhtsa.gov/ratings web site. Have the link read Vehicle Safety Ratings

11. Complete the following steps in the TysonsStore2019 worksheet:

1. Find the top ten sales items for the month. Select cells B2:D32 and use conditional formatting to apply a green fill with dark green text to the top 10 values.

2. In cell F2, enter a formula to calculate the daily total in dollars. Multiply the value in the Daily Total (# Sold) column by the current price per box in cell K1. Use an absolute reference where appropriate and copy the formula to cells F3:F32.

3. In cell G2, enter a formula using the IF function to determine whether the daily sales goal in cell K2 was met. Display yes if the value in the Daily Total ($) column is greater than or equal to the daily sales goal. Display no if it is not. Use an absolute reference where appropriate and copy the formula to cells G3:G32.

4. Create a named range DailySales for cells F2:F32.

5. In cell K3, enter a formula using the named range DailySales to calculate the average daily sales in dollars.

6. In cell K4, enter a formula using the named range DailySales to find the lowest daily sales in dollars.

7. In cell K5, enter a formula using the named range DailySales to find the highest daily sales in dollars.

8. Wrap the text in cell J7.

9. Freeze the first row of the worksheet.

12. Go to the OnlineSales worksheet and format the sales data as a table using the table style Aqua, Table Style Light 9.

13. Display the table Total row.

1. Display the total for the Quantity column.

2. Remove the count from the State column.

14. Sort the data alphabetically by values in the Item column.

15. Filter the table to show only rows where the value in the State column is MD.

16. Import data from a txt file and combine text using the CONCAT function.

1. Go to the Customers worksheet and import the Topt Customers.txt file that you downloaded as a resource for this project. Load the data to the current worksheet as a table.

2. In cell H2, enter a formula to display the full name of the customer. Be sure to include a space between the first name and the last name.

3. Use AutoFill to copy the formula to cells H3:H13.

17. Save and close the workbook.

18. Upload and save your project file.

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