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Add a footnote following the mL Stock Iron Solution heading. The footnote should read Stock iron solution provided by instructor. (Do not type the period.) 3
19 Move to the table on page 4 and insert a new row above the first row in the table. Type Table 1: Calibration Curve Data Table. Merge all cells in the first row and apply Align Top Center alignment. 3
20 Format the table to AutoFit Window and apply the Grid Table 1 Light table style. Deselect the First Column checkbox on the Table Design tab so the first column is not formatted. 3
21 Select the four paragraphs that follow the paragraph that begins This table summarizes the results. Convert the selected text to a table with four columns and four rows. 3
22 Insert a new column to the right of the last column in the new table. Click in the last cell of the first row and create a formula to average the two trial amounts for the Absorbance of the Iron Tablet Solution. The formula should average all cells to the left. You do not need to assign a number format. Similarly, enter a formula in remaining cells in the last column to average the Mass Fe of Tablet, Mass of Iron in Tablet, and Percent Error. 3
23 Insert a new row above the first row in the table containing averages. Type Table 2: Iron Tablet Data, merge all cells in the first row, and apply Align Center alignment. 3
24 Center rows 2 through 5 of Table 2. Format the table using Grid Table 1 Light table style. 3
25 Using Manage Sources on the References tab, add a new source using the APA style for a journal article: Author: Atkins, Robert C. Title: Colorimetric Determination of Iron in Vitamin Supplement Tablets: A General Chemistry Experiment Journal Name: Journal of Chemical Education Year: 2005 Page: 550 4
26 Insert a page break before References on page 4. Place the insertion point on the blank line after References. Click Bibliography and select Insert Bibliography to insert the source (or select another option if that one is unavailable). 0
27 Click after the words Preparation of Standards Solutions in the first row of the table of the same name on page 3. Press SPACEBAR and insert a solid round bullet symbol located in the Symbol font group. The character code is 183. Press SPACEBAR after inserting the symbol and type Analysis of Variables. 3
28 Place the insertion point on the blank paragraph under Conclusion on page 4. Type the following paragraph, pressing ENTER after typing the paragraph. The vitamin tablet was tested twice, and the results were in an acceptable percent error range. Miscalculations in this experiment can be traced to the difficulties in measuring the volume in the graduated cylinder and Erlenmeyer flasks. With experience, technical variations may be overcome. Overall, the vitamin tablet tested did come close to the amounts claimed by the manufacturer. 3
29 Insert text from Conclusion.docx. 3
30 Check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Accept any corrections for grammatical mistakes related to placement of commas and leaving a space after a parenthesis. 2
31 Select the word analyzed in the second paragraph of the Conclusion section. Use the Thesaurus to replace the selection with a synonym beginning with the letter c. 3
32 Open document properties. Add the keywords: Iron, Beer’s Law, Absorbance. 3
33 Save and close Exp19_DSP_Word_Science.docx. Exit Word. Submit Exp19_DSP_Word_Science.docx as directed 0
Total Points 100


Created On: 10/25/2019 1 Exp19_DSP_Word – Science 1.0

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Add a footnote following the mL Stock Iron Solution heading. The footnote should read Stock iron solution
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