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8.3 What will happen to the information [and/or biospecimens] collected in this study?

We will keep the data [and/or biospecimens] we gather about you during the examination, [including data we gain from investigating your [type of biospecimen]], [for future exploration projects/for study recordkeeping or different purposes (describe)]. Your name and other data that can straightforwardly distinguish you will be put away safely and independently from the exploration data we gathered from you.

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8.3 What will happen to the information [and/or biospecimens] collected in this study?
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8.4 Will my information [and/or type of biospecimens] be used for future research or shared with others?

We might utilize or share your examination data [and/or sort of biospecimen] for future exploration studies. Assuming we share your data [and/or sort of biospecimen] with different analysts it will be de-distinguished, and that implies that it won’t contain your name or other data that can straightforwardly recognize you. This exploration might be like this review or totally unique. We won’t request your extra educated assent for these investigations.

8.4.1 Special Requirements

A portrayal of this clinical preliminary will be accessible on the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This Website wo exclude data that can recognize you. Probably, the Website will incorporate a rundown of the outcomes. You can look through this Website whenever.

Since this exploration gets financing from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), we present your genomic data to a public storehouse supported by the NIH. It contains data regarding many individuals. NIH is an exploration office that is essential for the central government.

We will name your data with a code, rather than your name or other data that could be utilized to straightforwardly distinguish you. All things being equal, there is plausible that when your genomic data is joined with other data accessible to analysts, either now or later on, they might have the option to recognize a gathering you have a place with (like an ethnic or racial gathering or individuals having a specific sickness), or more outlandish, you actually. NIH doesn’t permit individuals to attempt to distinguish people whose genomic data is in a NIH-supported store. Different analysts will have controlled admittance to your genomic data. This implies that they should get endorsement from NIH to get genomic data from the storehouse.

We will put the data we gather from you into a storehouse. The archive contains data regarding many individuals. Your data will be [de-distinguished – or-named with a code, rather than your name or other data that could be utilized to straightforwardly recognize you.


Who can I contact about this study?

If you need help, contact the specialists recorded beneath to:

● Get more data regarding the review

● Pose an inquiry regarding the review methods

● Report a sickness, injury, or other issue (you may likewise have to tell your standard specialists)

● Leave the review before it is done

● Express worry regarding the review

Principal Investigator: Marjan Assefi

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 336-478-7008


Faculty Advisor (for student projects; delete if does not apply):




If you have questions about your rights as a research participant or wish to obtain information, ask questions or discuss any concerns about this study with someone other than the researcher(s), please contact the following:



[CITY], [STATE], [ZIP CODE] Telephone: [XXX-XXX-XXXX] For International Studies, including the appropriate calling codes . Fax: [XXX-XXX-XXXX]

E-mail: [[email protected]]


For international studies, including the US Country Code for the phone number. For projects reviewed by an in-country IRB or ethics committee, include contact information for that organization and place it before the IRB-HSBS contact information.




Consent/Assent to Participate in the Research Study

By signing this document, you are agreeing to be in this study. Make sure you understand what the study is about before you sign. I/We will give you a copy of this document for your records and I/we will keep a copy with the study records. If you have any questions about the study after you sign this document, you can contact the study team using the information in Section 9 provided above.


I understand what the study is about and my questions so far have been answered. I agree to take part in this study.

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