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Good presentation on your thoughts on what is nursing. I do not see that you interviewed any nurses or lay people as to what their beliefs are about nursing? Is this something you can do to compete for the assignment?Can you fix this post for me please, add 10 dollars’


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This is one sample from another classmate of how the assignment has to be written
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This is one sample from another classmate of how the assignment has to be written


Week 7 Question 1: What is Nursing?

“What is the purpose of nursing?” A relatively simple question with not a simple answer. This week I took the time to ask five non-nursing lay persons and five nurses the same question. “What is the purpose of nursing?” The ANA describes nursing as an art and a science: a heart and a mind. It is a profession that constantly evolves our practice to meet the needs of the society we serve (ANA 2021).


Lay person responses:

#1 “Taking care of patients and helping us to get well. You are basically the Public Relations person for the hospital. The patient sees you when they come in, the whole time they are ill, and when they leave.”

#2 “Nurses are responsible to monitor my health when I am here to help get better. They should teach me how to take better care of myself when I am not at the hospital. I think sometimes they just want to get people in and out to make money for the hospital”

# 3“Nurses give dignity to the dying. They help the family through the process. Nurses help take away pain and suffering and support families. They have taught the rest of us a lot about getting healthy, and how to stay healthy”

# 4 “Nurses need to stand up for the patient. They monitor the sick and tell the doctor when something changes. They are assistants to the doctor. They are good at helping people get through some pretty bad spots in their life”

#5 “I used to think that nurses were just pill pushers and made us do things like a walk after surgery to be mean. After seeing how hard nurses worked to save my dad when he had his heart attack, I would call you heroes. You work hard and do not get nearly the recognition you deserve. I think the true purpose of nurses is to be there for the patient- no matter what. Every nurse who took care of my dad also took care of us, the family in a way too”


Nurses’ answers:

#1 “Nurses should take the role of being a patient advocate seriously. We need to stand up for the patients when they can’t do it for themselves.”

#2 “We monitor a patient’s health, and wellbeing. We educate them about their medications, and how to manage their illnesses.”

#3 “Nurses are here to save and improve the lives of their patients, families, and communities. We coordinate care with multidisciplinary teams to help the patient be able to progress to their highest ability of health”

#4 “We are caregivers that monitor the physical needs of a patient, address illness and health needs. Essentially, we are also advocates for the patient when they are weak- we help them be strong. We notice the signs if they are getting better or not- and communicate that to the doctor. I think we should make suggestions for the plan as well. We have to be supportive and lookout for the best interest of the patient.”

#5 “Nurses should be there to help patients understand their illness. We can give them the tools they need to understand their health or illness. We need to make sure they understand what meds they take and how they work. We need to make certain the patient and the family understand what to expect when they get home- so we are educators as well as caregivers.”


I found it interesting the variety of opinions, especially from the lay persons. Nurses work in a variety of settings in a variety of roles. We educate patients and the public about a variety of medical conditions. RNs may work in specialty areas that provide specific types of care. All duties a nurse performs their duties for the betterment of the lives of our patients (Black 2017).



American Nurses Association (ANA). (2021). What is nursing? https://nursingworld.org/practice-policy/workforce/what-is-nursing

Black, B. (2017). Professional Nursing Concepts and Challenges 8th ed. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier, Inc.


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