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Therefore, the concept can be used in different companies because it allows employees to shift their focus from the tasks that robots can handle and focus on other essential tasks. The other market for robots apart from companies in the domestic sector (Cave et al., 2019). Automation is possible even at home. Some chores can be carried out using robots at home. This lowers the amount of time a person uses doing these chores and focuses on other essential tasks. This means the market for robots and automation technology is extensive and can be adopted at home and in companies. The market is even expected to grow with time since other sectors such as healthcare, defense, and others are adopting the technology, increasing its demand and growth. The demand is even rising due to the increase in preventing coronavirus. The health sector has been raising its demand for automation and artificial intelligence to deal with the impacts of covid 19.

The robots are made with sp0ecific features that set them apart from the other similar technologies to ensure they are competitive in the market. Firstly, the robots are manufactured according to the company’s needs, and the industry company is in. since there is the production of many robots for different uses, it is possible for the production not to fit the desired use or the reason it has been manufactured for. There is an existing problem where companies make robots with no distinctive features. Therefore some become ineffective because they cannot handle some tasks. The difference in the type of robots produced by this company is that they are specifically made for their uses. There is no generalization, and the requirements are researched before the technology is developed. The robots have features similar to human beings to ensure the tasks are performed to satisfaction. Therefore it is an artificial intelligence developed to answer questions or handle a task. It is programmed in a way similar to that of human beings. The programming is done to almost suit the human being’s perception to ensure perfection. In addition, the robots used in handling complex manual tasks have features that allow them to perfect on that specific task (Kaartemo & Helkkula, 2018). Due to these features, the robots can beat competition since there are many gaps in the markets, and there has been a failure in these technologies due to generalization. The main idea is to ensure there is no generalization in the making of the robots, and each can handle the tasks it is made for. Hence, the product will be able to quickly gain market share since they are efficient and lead to the fulfillment of the customers’ needs.

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Therefore, the concept can be used in different companies because it allows employees to shift their focus from the tasks that robots can handle and focus on other essential tasks
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The company prioritizes ensuring its products are innovative and competitive, even in line with its vision and mission. Hence the product is innovative. It is in line with the company’s mission and vision. It can drive the company towards its goals and set strategies. The product is also innovative because it uses technology to solve an existing problem (Upchurch, 2018). It is designed to come up with easy ways to solve the existing problem of production. Through the technology, production is made easy, and also it lowers the costs incurred by companies in the production process. More time is given to the development of the product to ensure it is more specific in solving the problems it is made for. The fact that it is not generalized makes it more innovative. This is because it is made to be specific about problems, and it solves the specific problems it is made for hence making it easy to use and more effective. It is also innovative because the technology used in making it is different in that it is focused on a specific area instead of general sectors.



The following graph show the number of hours worked by a robot, this helps to explain the impact of the robots in companies and how they influence the performance of the company across different countries of the world.


















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