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PSY-357 – Lifespan Development – Online

Developmental Periods

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PSY-357 – Lifespan Development – Online Developmental Periods
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Directions: For each developmental period, discuss the physical, socioemotional, and cognitive developmental theories, and identify the theorists. Include any concerns/issues that might arise during each developmental period.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines. Each description should be a minimum of 50 words with two to three outside references, not including your textbook, for each developmental period. You will add information to the chart as you study and research each developmental group throughout the course.

You will summarize your information each week in discussion questions. Plan your time accordingly for the DQ deadline. The entire chart, filled out completely, is due to your instructor at the end of Topic 8. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.


  Physical Development Socioemotional Development Cognitive Development Concerns or Issues
Prenatal and Infancy        
Early Childhood        
Middle and Late Childhood        
Early Adulthood        
Middle Adulthood        
Late Adulthood        
End of Life        




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