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Paper Assignment: Updated Spring 2020

GOVT 2305, 2306

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Paper Assignment: Updated Spring 202
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Evaluation: This argumentative research paper is evaluated on organization, clarity, implementation of guidelines (see below), and the quality of analysis. Pay particular attention to spelling, punctuation, grammar and format. I do not grade for the opinions you present, but I do grade for the way you present your argument and how you’ve incorporated research (source material) to support your argument.


Thesis/Outline: Create a thesis statement that clearly lists your major points in the order you will argue them. Construct an outline to determine the major points and sub points and where to include source material. A thorough outline should help develop body paragraphs and organize your paper. See the “Sample Thesis Statements and Outlines” and “Successful tips for College Writing” documents, which are in the Paper Assignment folder on Canvas.


Final Paper: Write your final draft of 6-8 pages (which does not include the cover page or works cited page), referencing AT LEAST 8 sources (see below), and use correct grammar throughout. See the “Templates for Introducing Quotations Effectively (and Other Good Advice)” and “Sample MLA” documents, which are in the Paper Assignment folder on Canvas. You are encouraged to visit the Writing Center before submitting your final draft.



Topic Suggestions: You may use a topic listed below and modify it to fit your research interests. If you choose a different topic, you must get it approved before you begin writing.

1. **Should the United States have mandatory military conscription? For whom?

2. How should the justice system treat those with suspected or confirmed mental illnesses who have committed crimes? (Should they be subject to different or modified punishments? Should they get the death penalty? Etc.)

3. Should donors or their families be compensated for organ donations? How should people be selected to receive donor organs?

4. Should genetic engineering be controlled by law? Should companies disclose when a product has been genetically modified? Should the government enforce warning labels on products whose content has been genetically modified?

5. Is Global Warming real or imagined, and what should be done to correct or prevent it?

6. What can be done to prevent police brutality (both by police and against police).

7. **How can the national debt be reduced?

8. **Does society have an obligation to protect privacy as a basic individual right?

9. **Should controversial speakers, religious student organizations, and ethnic clubs (limited to same-race membership) be allowed on college campuses?

10. How should problems with immigration be corrected?

11. How should the United States respond to refugee crises?

12. **How should the public education system be improved?

13. **What can be done to prevent terrorist attacks against American citizens?

14. Should “victimless crimes” such as prostitution and other sexual activity between consenting adults be free from governmental interference? [This topic can also be used for other illicit acts like growing/dealing/smoking marijuana, but just choose one victimless crime to focus on.]

15. **Does the American system of criminal justice need reform (i.e. mandatory sentencing, reduced sentences for non-violent crimes, improved prison conditions, private prison)?

16. To what extent should individuals be able to ask doctors in terminating their own lives (euthanasia)?

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