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Topic 4: Persuasive Essay: Outline Worksheet

Persuasive Essay Outline

Introductory Paragraph:

Hook: Reading stimulates the imagination of children and expands their understanding of the world.

Background and contextual information:

Thesis Sentence:

Reading inaugurates a child’s mind by advancing communication skills, increasing vocabulary, and exposing them to new worlds of fantasy they might not otherwise encounter.

Supporting paragraph 1 (Subtopic 1)

To foster comprehension skills

Detail A: Allowing children to read out a loud is an effective strategy for helping children to improve their reading comprehension (Gambrell & Dromsky, 2000).

Detail B: children should be provided with lots of practicing books at the right time.

Detail C: Teachers, parents, and guardians should regularly talk to children about their reading.

Transitional sentence:

Comprehension skills in children can be developed through various strategies.

Supporting paragraph 2 (Subtopic 2).

To increase vocabulary.

Detail A: Vocabulary can be used in improving communication in areas in listening, speaking, reading, and writing (Gamble, 2019).

Detail B: Vocabulary can be used in predicting the reading performance of the child (Potocki et al., 2021).

Detail C: The growth of vocabulary is correlated with school performance.

Transitional sentence:

The importance of vocabulary in children is reflected on how it can be used to improve communication in areas like speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

Supporting paragraph 3 (Subtopic 3)

Expose the child to a new world of fantasy.

Detail A: When a child reads regularly, the optimal patterns of brain development are stimulated.

Detail B: Reading captures the imagination of children through adventures, characters, and illustration (Kohm et al., 2016).

Detail C: children are able to improve their social skills as they relate to the characters of the books they are reading.

Transitional Sentence:

There is a link between reading and children’s imagination, social play, and social interactions.


The importance of reading in children can be highlighted on the various benefits like the improvement of the child’s communication skills, improving their vocabulary, and exposing the child to new worlds of fantasy.

Comprehensive skills allow the child to develop their communication skills like reading and speaking. This is important as the child grows faster and is able to communicate fluently. The same applies in vocabulary in children. Studies have highlighted the importance of vocabulary in the overall performance of the child. Reading also expands the child’s imagination making it easier for the child to connect with their peers.

Final remarks:

Reading is important for the development of children. However, most countries are still behind in encouraging reading in children making it impossible for the children to benefit from reading. Implementing strategies for encouraging reading in

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